Koch brothers, major corporations sponsor pension reform seminar for judges

By Chris Young

Judges who may decide fates of public pension reform disputes to attend seminar sponsored by pro-business interests.

White House seeks to chip away at severe Labor Department judge shortage, case backlog

By Jim Morris

The White House is requesting an additional $2 million from Congress for its overworked, understaffed Office of Administrative Law Judges.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Law":

"… hire 10 employees in the Department of Labor’s Office of Administrative Law Judges (OALJ). The final installment of the Center’s “Breathless and …"

"… ars to come.” In a statement Thursday, Labor Department spokesman Jesse Lawder wrote that if the agency gets the requested budget increase, it will …"

Dwindling number of judges burdens workers

By Jim Morris

The number of judges overseeing a federal worker compensation program has fallen, even as worker caseloads rise.

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"… ch, the Labor Department’s already-weakened Office of Administrative Law Judges (OALJ) took a 5-percent hit from congressionally mandated budget cuts kno …"

"… cent hit from congressionally mandated budget cuts known as sequestration. Judges were told to expect furloughs. For Pulver, that was it. He decided to le …"

"… In a memorandum to Deputy Secretary of Labor Seth Harris last April, Chief Judge Stephen Purcell wrote that staff cuts — not only Judges but also law cle …"

Rising caseload, fewer Labor Department judges triggers painful mix for suffering laborers

By Jim Morris

A federal worker compensation program once viewed as a model now suffers rising caseloads — but fewer judges, triggering frustration.

Report: Campaign law changes hasten power imbalance between rich, poor

By Dave Levinthal

New report asserts campaign law changes have further eroded political clout of the middle class and poor.

Warehouse worker lawsuit targets Walmart

By Jim Morris and Adithya Sambamurthy

Warehouse laborers, citing oppressive conditions and unpaid wages, contend Walmart is among those responsible.

Excerpts from this story referencing "California":

"… ing wage theft from mostly immigrant Latino contract workers at a Southern California warehouse complex took steps today to add Walmart as a defendant in an ong …"

"… collective $450,000 in fines and back wages to settle citations issued by California labor officials, who raided the warehouse the same month the lawsuit was f …"

"… costs by underpaying subcontractors. As many as 1,800 workers in Southern California could receive back pay and damages as a result of the case, and the impact …"

"… ng to worker complaints about inaccurate pay stubs, investigators with the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement raided the complex Oct. 12, 2011. …"

Barack Obama

New law gives US companies a break on pensions

By The Associated Press

Companies win cut in pension contributions; critics say saving pensions is even bigger concern

Congress can’t say no to military pay raises

By Zach Toombs

Soldiering now pays much better than civilian work

Excerpts from this story referencing "Congress":

"… ompensation confirms that after years of special benefits provided by Congress, it's now much more lucrative to be a soldier than a civilian. While avera …"

"… om $64,606 to $80,292 in 2012. Defense personnel experts attribute this to Congress’ desire to reward troops for their service in recent wars — including …"

"… se pay was pegged to civilian pay, and meant to rise at the same rate. But Congress changed the rules in 2004 by mandating that soldiers’ pay increase at th …"

"… when the Pentagon’s pay was often worse than the private sector’s. But Congress’ rationale has been weak for some time, according to critics. Since 2006 …"

Plan to cut benefits for injured federal workers stirs concern

By Jim Morris

A move to cut benefits for injured federal workers upsets union officials — and some members of Congress

ANALYSIS: When Medicare isn't Medicare

By Wendell Potter

Ryan plan off-loads risk to beneficiaries

Excerpts from this story referencing "Tennessee":

"… had not yet been invented. Soon after he was hired as a shift worker at a Tennessee glass factory, he was enrolled in his employer’s pension plan. When he r …"

FACT CHECK: Is Texas impervious to the recession?

By FactCheck.Org

Gov. Perry picks and chooses which economic statistics suit his presidential campaign, and his critics do the same

Excerpts from this story referencing "Texas":

"… tance, we originally left out the word "hourly." …"

"… in his state in the past few years. And for good reason: It's true. While Texas clearly hasn't avoided the recession, the state has done well in terms of …"

"… ry's claim that "40 percent … of all the jobs in America were created in Texas" since June 2009 is accurate. But it’s also true that the increase in jo …"

"… ess Texans also has risen, along with the state’s unemployment rate. And Texas is tied with Mississippi for the highest percentage of hourly workers paid …"

FACT CHECK: Misleading information about White House salaries goes viral

By FactCheck.Org

FACT CHECK: Email campaign distorts White House salaries

Excerpts from this story referencing "Energy":

"… r Economic Policy82.77%Heather ZichalDeputy Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate ChangeDeputy Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate …"

"… esident for Energy and Climate ChangeDeputy Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change40.00%Kevin LewisPress AssistantDirector of African-Amer …"

Pentagon spends billions on incentive pay but doesn't measure what works

By Laurel Adams

Pentagon spends billions on incentive pay with big differences among services

DOE pension obligation to contractors has more than doubled

By Laurel Adams

Energy's antiquated contractor system leaves taxpayers footing pension bills

Financial reform this week: Would companies drop compensation committees to evade SEC rule?

By Julie Vorman

SEC tackles credit rating, due diligence rules

Excerpts from this story referencing "Executive pay":

"… ts on the Fed's proposed financial market utilities rule.   Executive pay - Deadline for public comments on the Securities and Exchange Commission's …"

U.S. agency insuring pensions needs bigger, more active board

By Julie Vorman

The three-member board of directors overseeing the federal corporation that insures traditional pensions of 44 million American workers is t

Excerpts from this story referencing "Inspector General":

"… by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), various federal Offices of Inspector General (OIG), and other government entities. Congressional Research Service repor …"

Senior Dem calls for more oversight of pension entity after Center uncovers weakness

By John Solomon

Senate Aging Committee Chairman Herb Kohl says a Center for Public Integrity investigation that uncovered security, management and procureme

Excerpts from this story referencing "Inspector General":

"… t four times a year. The bill would also ensure the PBGC Advisory Council, Inspector General, and General Counsel have full and direct access to the board. …"

Mandatory one-week vacation legislation lacks congressional support

By Kat Aaron

As Congress leaves town for the July 4th recess, a timely bill is languishing in the House: the Paid Vacation Act. ...