U.S. report urges deeper look into breast cancer's environmental links

By Jim Morris

A new federal report urges enhanced research into potential environmental triggers of breast cancer.

Federal regulators have failed to act on toxic chemical, report says

By Chris Hamby

Regulators have done little to protect the public from BPA, critics say

Inkling of concern: Chemicals in tattoo inks face scrutiny

By Brett Israel

New research finds chemicals in tattoo inks: Including some toxic metals, and one of the most potent skin carcinogens

EPA fails to inform public about weed-killer in drinking water

By Danielle Ivory

An herbicide atrazine has been found in four state, at levels ten times higher than federal safety limits

Excerpts from this story referencing "Kansas":

"… standard at least ten times in communities in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Kansas, all states where farmers rely heavily on the herbicide.In addition, more …"

"… Investigative Fund, cities in four states — Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Kansas — had yearly averages of atrazine violating that standard from 2003 to 2 …"

"… s over 3 ppb during 2008 alone — not only in Illinois, Ohio, Indiana and Kansas, but also in Missouri, Louisiana, and Texas. Bradbury declined to elaborat …"

"… ng water weekly in 10 states, with special emphasis on Illinois, Ohio, and Kansas.This is how the EPA’s testing program generally works: Syngenta sends bo …"