Suit against Kern County schools alleges disproportionate discipline for minorities

By Susan Ferriss

Litigation follows Center pieces highlighting harsh discipline for minorities.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Center for Public Integrity":

"… from regular school and place them in inferior alternative settings. The Center for Public Integrity in 2011 reported that Kern County, in the Golden State’s Central Valley, …"

States urged to embrace alternatives to school discipline criminalizing kids

By Susan Ferriss

The Council of State Governments warns that harsh school dicipline disproportionately harms ethnic minority, disabled and LBGT students.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Texas":

"… e Governments released a longitudinal study finding that 60 percent of all Texas students had been suspended at least once, with punishment falling particu …"

"… nal justice system — not straighten out and get engaged in school.  Texas state Sen. John Whitmire, a Democrat from the Houston area, told reporters …"

"… f-school suspensions rarely accomplish anything.”  As chair of the Texas Senate Criminal Justice Committee, Whitmire said he tells his colleagues i …"

"… “you pay later” with higher incarceration costs. Whitmire said kids in Texas have been accused of misdemeanors for infractions as minor as throwing an …"

New California data show drop in overall school suspensions, expulsions

By Susan Ferriss

New California data reveal 12 percent drop in suspensions, expulsions.

In nation's richest farmland, some workers' kids get no education at all

By Susan Ferriss

Disciplined teens get no education for months because they can't do commute.

Excerpts from this story referencing "teacher":

"… ependent study at home with only once-a-week minimum mandatory visits with teachers. Independent study may be the only option for students who live miles aw …"

"… trouble and failing at school. Even getting the kids to those once-a-week teacher meetings requires some parents to skip work and lose wages. Now it turns …"

"… mply with the requirement to get her son to school one day a week to see a teacher 40 miles away. An Arvin vineyard worker, more senior than other workers, s …"

"… ry week during last spring semester to drive his son to his meeting with a teacher 20 miles away. Kern officials told the Center that more than 2,730 high s …"

Maryland, California taking action to improve dropout rates

By Susan Ferriss

Lawmakers, education officials in some states say it's time to embrace alternatives to removing students from classrooms as punishment.

California moves closer to reforming school discipline

By Susan Ferriss

California lawmakers want to stem tide of suspensions, expulsions; lawyer featured in Center story testifies about boy's case

Kern expulsions figure into California debate on proposed legislation

By Susan Ferriss

Report on Kern County's student expulsion patterns informs debate on reform proposals before California legislators.

Excerpts from this story referencing "state law":

"… ted.Another bill by Assemblyman Roger Dickinson of Sacramento would change state law to eliminate out-of-school suspensions or expulsions for students based on …"

New federal discipline data has more bad news for Kern County schools

By Susan Ferriss

New federal stats show harsh punishment for African-American students

Excerpts from this story referencing "Michael Zulfa":

"… respond to requests for comment on the new federal statistics. Last year, Michael Zulfa, assistant superintendent of instruction, told the Center that the distric …"

L.A. kids' daytime curfew story on NPR's 'Morning Edition'

By Susan Ferriss

Truancy is a problem among some students, and cities grapple over sending police out, issuing fines and prosecuting parents

Racial disparity in school discipline in Massachusetts

By Beverly Ford

Racial disparity in school discipline in Massachusetts

Excerpts from this story referencing "co-chair":

"… icies in Bay State schools and keep kids in class.Sonia Chang-Diaz, Senate co-chair of the state's Joint Committee on Education, said the bills, which are aim …"

Coast to coast, questions over student interrogations

By Susan Ferriss

A Virginia dad wants alert from schools when discipline starts, and in California ACLU objects to police interrogating student journalists

Kern County's student smoking problem

By Susan Ferriss

Kern tied for state lead in expelling student smokers

California school discipline numbers need scrutiny

By Susan Ferriss

California discipline data a great resource, but a detailed look finds errors

Expulsion overturned for boy at heart of Center probe

By Susan Ferriss

County board of education decides boy at heart of Center probe should not be kicked out of school

Excerpts from this story referencing "Kern High School District":

"… reed with some expulsions approved by boards governing Bakersfield and the Kern High School District.   “Most of the time they just rubber stamp these, both the ci …"

Across San Francisco region, expulsion rates and attitudes toward punishment vary widely

By San Francisco Public Press

Calif. school districts are often independent, punishment and expulsion rates very widely

Excerpts from this story referencing "Napa":

"… isco County, averaging 0.07 percent, to nearly double the state average in Napa and Solano counties to the north, averaging 1.08 percent and 1 percent. Sa …"

"… cent. San Francisco isn’t the only county that has seen recent declines. Napa county has seen a sharp per-capita decline.While reforms such as restorati …"

"… cts.The leaders in the rate of expulsions over this period were Solano and Napa counties, though recently the numbers of expulsions have fallen. Each with …"

"… 0 and 0.50 percent between 2005 and 2011. It wasn’t until last year that Napa’s expulsion rate fell to 0.15 percent, below the current state average o …"

San Francisco lets students own up to misdeeds rather than face expulsion

By Jeremy Adam Smith

How one big-city district cut suspensions and expulsions — and why they may rise again

An epidemic of expulsions

By Susan Ferriss

Kern County, California at ground zero in debate over school discipline

Excerpts from this story referencing "Kern High School District":

"… nce on the board of the largest of the county’s 48 school districts, the Kern High School District, and they haven’t shrunk from approving expulsions of students charged w …"

"… mes the national average for 2006, the most recent year available. In the Kern High School District, 11 high schools reported expelling more than 100 students each last year. …"

"… down in a discriminatory manner. According to raw numbers supplied by the Kern High School District, students identified as Latino, who are today 55 percent of district enrol …"

"… izing. Bryan Batey, a parent and president of the board of trustees of the Kern High School District — where most of the expulsions occur — defends his district’s decisi …"

Study finds stunning rates of discipline among Texas students

By Susan Ferriss

A new study says nearly 60 percent of Texas school students were suspended or expelled at least once between 7th and 12th grade

A lack of consequences for sexual assault

By Kristen Lombardi

Students found “responsible” for sexual assault face modest penalties, while victims are traumatized

Excerpts from this story referencing "Expulsion":

"… rocess works; it ended in what Freeman calls “a very strong sanction.” Expulsion at many schools, including IU, seems anathema. For instance, IU officials …"

"… ol rather than have to face their alleged attackers, even accidentally. “Expulsion should be a given under Title IX,” Rosenfeld adds. She, like many critic …"

An uncommon outcome at Holy Cross

By Kristin Jones

Expulsion rarely results from college disciplinary actions in sexual assault cases, making the Holy Cross case a notable exception.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Expulsion":

"… s mother says, by the knowledge that college officials did not believe him.Expulsion rarely results from college disciplinary actions in sexual assault cases, …"

Sexual Assault on Campus Shrouded in Secrecy

By Kristen Lombardi

Sexual Assault on Campus Shrouded in Secrecy

Excerpts from this story referencing "Administrator":

"… he law has resulted in significant changes there.Silent Victims, Secretive Administrators But an array of practices at UVA and college campuses elsewhere cont …"

"… divulging students’ educational records, including disciplinary records. Administrators believe it binds them to silence on case details, but others aren’t so …"

"… ed,” says S. Daniel Carter, of Security on Campus Inc., a watchdog group.Administrators see it differently, arguing that there are important distinctions between …"