Pentagon may be wasting a billion dollars a year in erroneous payments to contractors

By Richard H.P. Sia

Check-writing mistakes are said to be huge but the military is not tracking the problem closely enough to know for sure.

Pentagon's accounting shambles may cost an additional $1 billion

By R. Jeffrey Smith

DOD said its books wouldn't be clean until 2017; Panetta wants to move the deadline up

Excerpts from this story referencing "Marine Corps":

"… rial and errorA trial audit last year of $4 billion in war spending by the Marine Corps ended badly. Although the corps’ leadership asserted that it was fully p …"

"… emains plagued by problems that have prevented its widespread use. And the Marine Corps, which briefly considered adopting the same program, eventually decided to …"

SEC’s ex-chief accountant: Is agency a lapdog or watchdog?

A former Securities and Exchange Commission official urged the regulator “to get serious about enforcement.”