Study delivers good, bad news on climate-impacting methane leakage from gas wells

By Lisa Song and Jim Morris

A study released today examines greenhouse-effect-causing methane emissions from natural gas drilling sites.

Excerpts from this story referencing "ExxonMobil":

"… from nine energy companies, including Encana, Chevron and a subsidiary of ExxonMobil. The remaining 10 percent came from the Environmental Defense Fund, an env …"

"… cience Advisory Board. He's worked as a consultant for companies including ExxonMobil, and his research has been funded by the EPA, the National Science Foundat …"

Export push reframes debate over fracking

By Alexandra Duszak

Energy indepedence for the U.S. no longer at issue — exports would help industry's bottom line.

Excerpts from this story referencing "energy":

"… ulic fracturing, or fracking, that backers say will help the nation become energy independent and provide jobs and lower heating costs for Pennsylvanians. …"

"… nsylvanians. But with gas prices collapsing thanks to an unforeseen glut, energy companies are pushing for permission to export the commodity to countries …"

"… “It’s not reality.” For its part, the Marcellus Shale Coalition, an energy industry trade association focused on Pennsylvania, said in a statement th …"

"… e problem, it would mean the idle import facilities might become useful if energy companies converted them to export terminals. But the energy companies’ …"

'Clean' natural gas adding to climate change

By Chris Hamby and Jim Morris

As climate change gases decline, data reveals natural gas increase