Suit against Kern County schools alleges disproportionate discipline for minorities

By Susan Ferriss

Litigation follows Center pieces highlighting harsh discipline for minorities.

Excerpts from this story referencing "California":

"… den State’s Central Valley, had the highest rate of student expulsion in California, not just on a per capita basis, but actually numerically higher than popu …"

"… adoption of alternative discipline and student transfer practices include California Rural Legal Assistance, or CRLA, a nonprofit that has represented Kern kid …"

"… d. The suit was filed against the 35,000-pupil Kern High School District, California’s second largest high school district. Its student body is 62 percent La …"

"… Kern County Office of Education, which runs alternative campuses; and the California Department of Education. Lisa Krch, the district’s public information a …"

L.A. judge objects to school police getting millions reserved for struggling students

By Susan Ferriss

A top juvenile court judge objects to a proposal giving school police $13 million out of a state fund to help disadvantaged kids learn.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Southern California":

"… ce of the Children’s Defense Fund; the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California; the Youth Justice Coalition and CADRE, a parents’ group that has pushed …"

California report: Don't spend new education money on campus police

By Susan Ferriss

As California readies to direct millions to districts with neediest kids, a new policy brief warns against spending it on campus security.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Los Angeles":

"… arate and Unequal,’ " brief was prepared by two community groups in Los Angeles and Oakland whose members are concerned that too much police involvement a …"

"… schools is undeniably one of [those barriers.]” One of the groups, the Los Angeles-based Labor-Community Strategy Center, has been instrumental in persuading …"

"… into courts every year for minor infractions. The brief reports that the Los Angeles Unified School District’s budget for this year calls for spending more t …"

"… mment on the brief because officials were still reviewing it. As the Los Angeles Times has reported, parents’ groups are mobilizing to demand that 80 per …"

Police killing of boy, 13, with pellet gun spotlights foiled attempts to regulate replicas

By Susan Ferriss

Andy Lopez, 13, was shot dead by deputies in California who came upon him walking with a pellet gun shaped like an AK-47.

In nation's richest farmland, some workers' kids get no education at all

By Susan Ferriss

Disciplined teens get no education for months because they can't do commute.

Black Oakland youth arrested, but not charged, in stunning numbers, report says

By Susan Ferriss

Report questions 'disproportionate' targeting by Oakland police

Excerpts from this story referencing "Education":

"… eral oversight almost a year ago after officials at the U.S. Department of Education began investigating spiraling numbers of suspensions of black students. Fo …"

Parents, advocacy groups push back against independent study at home

By Susan Ferriss

Center piece on 'throwaway kids' spurs search for alternatives.

Throwaway kids: disciplined California teens struggle to school themselves

By Susan Ferriss

Strict district policies, distance from alternatives leave some disciplined teens no option but to school themselves.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Arvin High School":

"… tinez, is furious that her son, 15, was expelled from Kern County’s Arvin High School in January and referred to the Community Learning Center county campus abo …"

"… uring the 2011-2012 school year, according to data obtained by the Center, Arvin High School expelled 56 students. At the state Capitol, state Sen. Ricardo Lara, …"

Los Angeles school police still ticketing thousands of young students

By Susan Ferriss

School police still citing thousands of kids for minor violations

Excerpts from this story referencing "Southern California":

"… of protests over police intervention in discipline matters and Center and Southern California Public Radio stories analyzing previously undisclosed police citation reco …"

Feds will oversee Oakland's efforts to curb suspensions

By Susan Ferriss

Oakland school board allows federal officials to monitor efforts to reduce the high suspension rates for African-American students

Los Angeles school police chief rethinking discipline policy

By Susan Ferriss

Police chief wants less ticketing for young kids, more out-of-court solutions.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Los Angeles":

"… versy over court citations to students as young as 10, the police chief of Los Angeles’ largest school district said he’s working with school officials to re …"

"… egrity and Southern California Public Radio reported this spring that Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) police had issued more than 33,5000 ticket …"

"… ets over three years to students between 10 and 18 years of age.  The Los Angeles Unified district is about 74 percent Latino, but Latinos and especially bl …"

"… especially black students have received tickets at disproportionate rates. Los Angeles Unified is not the only school district in the city of Los Angeles, but it …"

Oakland leads way as restorative justice techniques enter education mainstream

By Eric K. Arnold

'Restorative justice' techniques are helping young people overcome violent impulses

Excerpts from this story referencing "Education":

"… who graduate. According to a 2006 study by the Alliance for Excellent Education, a national policy and advocacy organization, 75 percent of America’s st …"

L.A. school police, district agree to rethink court citations of students

By Susan Ferriss

L.A.'s school police and district react to reports of thousands of tickets issued to Latino and black middle-school students.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Los Angeles":

"… ’ own decisions to issue citations. …"

"… ome, mostly minority neighborhoods.The Center for Public Integrity and the Los Angeles-based Labor-Community Strategy Center each performed their own analysis re …"

"… lysis recently of previously unreleased citation records obtained from the Los Angeles Unified School District Police Department, the nation’s largest school p …"

"… hool police force. The Center found that between 2009 and the end of 2011, Los Angeles school police officers issued more than 33,500 tickets to students 18 …"

Police, suspensions in schools need reform, new report urges

By Susan Ferriss

A report looks at how three troubled California communities are struggling with high suspension rates of vulnerable students.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Los Angeles":

"… rs and Human Impact Partners is an exhaustive profile of students in South Los Angeles, Oakland and the agribusiness hub of Salinas in Central California. All th …"

"… ter for Public Integrity also receives some support from the Endowment.The Los Angeles school district has already adopted what’s called “positive behavioral …"

"… rious discipline challenges the schools face.The researchers also touch on Los Angeles’ school police, the largest school police force in the nation. They reco …"

"… grity recently obtained and analyzed records of school police citations in Los Angeles, which are heavily concentrated in low-income schools. More than 40 percen …"

Calif. state senator wants 'roundtable' on school expulsions

Kern County schools expel more students than those in any other county in California. Federal data shows high rate for blacks, Latinos.

Donor profile: Jerry Perenchio

By Rachael Marcus

Quick stats on the biggest financial backers of Election 2012.

Kern expulsions figure into California debate on proposed legislation

By Susan Ferriss

Report on Kern County's student expulsion patterns informs debate on reform proposals before California legislators.

Rick Santorum hopes to sweeten campaign pot with Jelly Belly visit

By Aaron Mehta and Michael Beckel

Rick Santorum's cash-strapped campaign seeks boost from maker of Ronald Reagan's favorite confection.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Dan Lungren":

"… attle between Democratic challenger Ami Bera and incumbent Republican Rep. Dan Lungren. The super PAC spent $35,000 in negative ads against Bera, who ended up lo …"

New federal discipline data has more bad news for Kern County schools

By Susan Ferriss

New federal stats show harsh punishment for African-American students

Public radio and iWatch News report on daytime curfew in Los Angeles

By Susan Ferriss

Public Integrity and California Report collaborate on reports about Los Angeles daytime curfew controversy

Excerpts from this story referencing "Los Angeles":

"… Report has taken a look at the debate over a daytime curfew law before the Los Angeles City Council today, Wednesday, Feb. 22. Our reports include interview …"

"… ly low-income and black and Latino students receiving $250-plus tickets in Los Angeles.  Ironically, kids who were ticketed for arriving just minutes late t …"

"… rfew controversy on Feb. 14 on his “Which Way, L.A.?” show.  Los Angeles City Council members are considering adopting proposed reforms that would …"

Los Angeles to vote Feb. 22 on ending $250 truancy fines

By Susan Ferriss

Complaints lead to police limits on student ticketing, counseling for first offenses

Excerpts from this story referencing "Los Angeles":

"… ducation policies.  …"

"… tudents who are tardy or truant from school.For several years, students in Los Angeles have complained about hefty $250-plus fines for being tardy, and about pol …"

"… l hours, so they miss more class time and parents miss work.On Monday, the Los Angeles City Council’s Public Safety Committee voted to set limits on how police …"

"… is still being negotiated, said Michael de la Rocha, legislative deputy to Los Angeles City Council member Tony Cardenas, who sponsored the amendments.Cardenas w …"

LA school abuse investigation runs into immigration fears

By Susan Ferriss

Undocumented parents say they fear deportation if they talk about accused teacher

Excerpts from this story referencing "Los Angeles":

"… adlines, and now the sordid story of alleged lewd and bizarre conduct by a Los Angeles teacher includes another sensitive dimension: immigration status.A number …"

"… d many parents are immigrants, some legal residents, some not.   Los Angeles’ La Opinion, one of the nation’s largest Spanish-language newspapers, …"

"… ornia public radio station KPCC.  The Multi-American reports that the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has attempted to put word out through media …"

"… eacher, Martin Bernard Springer, has reportedly recanted, according to the Los Angeles Times.   …"

Los Angeles moves haltingly toward ending fines for truancy

By Susan Ferriss

Cops, judges, politicians taking a new look at fines and handcuffs

Excerpts from this story referencing "Los Angeles":

"… chool, and already at the corner by Theodore Roosevelt High School in Los Angeles when a school police cruiser’s siren went off last Nov. 16.The consequen …"

"… d police concerning officers’ behavior.Meanwhile, the presiding judge of Los Angeles’ juvenile court and Los Angeles city leaders are also moving to curtail …"

"… havior.Meanwhile, the presiding judge of Los Angeles’ juvenile court and Los Angeles city leaders are also moving to curtail law-enforcement involvement in pol …"

"… und zero as the impact of such ordinances is reconsidered.Next Monday, the Los Angeles City Council’s Public Safety Committee starts a review of proposed amend …"

Los Angeles report: Limit suspensions, don't fine truants

By Susan Ferriss

A task force in Los Angeles, Calif. attacks harsh school discipline, truancy dollar fines

Excerpts from this story referencing "Los Angeles":

"… t in California. …"

"… who presides over one of America’s biggest juvenile courts, which is in Los Angeles County. Others include an anti-truancy leader in the county’s Distr …"

"… the county’s District Attorney’s office, the chief of school police in Los Angeles, a Los Angeles city police representative, a public defender and several c …"

"… District Attorney’s office, the chief of school police in Los Angeles, a Los Angeles city police representative, a public defender and several civil rights gro …"

California school discipline numbers need scrutiny

By Susan Ferriss

California discipline data a great resource, but a detailed look finds errors

Excerpts from this story referencing "School discipline":

"… Orange figure was dropped to 870 about two weeks ago. Why does it matter? School discipline data is required for federal and state program applications. And this sort …"

Expulsion overturned for boy at heart of Center probe

By Susan Ferriss

County board of education decides boy at heart of Center probe should not be kicked out of school

Across San Francisco region, expulsion rates and attitudes toward punishment vary widely

By San Francisco Public Press

Calif. school districts are often independent, punishment and expulsion rates very widely

Excerpts from this story referencing "Education":

"… pline, as borne out by statistics compiled by the California Department of Education.The disparities among schoolchildren in low-income and minority communitie …"

An epidemic of expulsions

By Susan Ferriss

Kern County, California at ground zero in debate over school discipline

Spending spree: Where does the convention money go?

By Meredith O'Brien

WASHINGTON, July 12, 2004 — An accounting of the exact costs of national presidential nominating conventions cannot be made until after the

Excerpts from this story referencing "Boston":

"… t committee’s spending and DNCC disbursements for the 2004 convention in Boston, from October 2002 through March 31, 2004. Select expenses were entered in …"

"… The Center categorized the data from the DNCC for both the Los Angeles and Boston conventions by four main categories: Payroll and consulting, travel and lo …"

"… arch 31, 2004)The analysis of the DNCC spending for the 2004 convention in Boston does not paint a complete picture, as much of the heavy convention spendin …"

"… tional Committee Services general fund, travel, $11,468.Re/Max Waterfront, Boston, lodging, $5,750.Capital Hilton, lodging and audio/visual purchase, $2,991 …"

Elk Hills: Private or public?

By Josey Ballenger, Nathaniel Heller and Knut Royce

WASHINGTON, October 27, 2000 — The political decision to sell the Elk Hills oil reserve was made from high in the Clinton administration nea