Los Angeles school police still ticketing thousands of young students

By Susan Ferriss

School police still citing thousands of kids for minor violations

Los Angeles report: Limit suspensions, don't fine truants

By Susan Ferriss

A task force in Los Angeles, Calif. attacks harsh school discipline, truancy dollar fines

Excerpts from this story referencing "Michael Nash":

"… lis, which is afflicted by low graduation rates.The chairman is Judge Michael Nash, who presides over one of America’s biggest juvenile courts, which is in …"

Spending spree: Where does the convention money go?

By Meredith O'Brien

WASHINGTON, July 12, 2004 — An accounting of the exact costs of national presidential nominating conventions cannot be made until after the

Excerpts from this story referencing "Democratic National Convention Committee":

"… for the party committees formed to handle the convention expenses like the Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC), those committees must submit line items detailing each expense rel …"

"… rd to blend the numbers from the host committee with the DNCC numbers.2000 Democratic National Convention Committee disbursements:Starting with the DNCC data for the 2000 Democratic conventi …"

"… 76.Lucy McCoy, president, $87,500.Reed & Davidson, legal, $81,302.2004 Democratic National Convention Committee disbursements (Oct. 2002-March 31, 2004)The analysis of the DNCC spending …"