Excerpts from this story referencing Georgia

"… to them,” one legislator said. “They spread it around like manure.” …"

"… t gifts from vendors or lobbyists. Except when they can. Time and again, Georgia journalists and watchdog groups have found that money finds a way to flow …"

"… similar findings underscore what can sometimes be a gaping divide between Georgia’s legal standards for public accountability, on the one hand, and everyd …"

Excerpts from this story referencing Georgia

"… p; …"

"… roubled system now being rocked by the recent killing of a youth in lockup.Georgia has 26 youth jails and prisons right now, and the state is considering how …"

"… ccording to our colleagues at the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange in Georgia.In a recent briefing, the state’s new juvenile-justice commissioner told …"

Georgia on my mind

By Aaron Mehta

Excerpts from this story referencing Georgia

"… rgian government may consider that too little, too late. …"

"… derable international attention. Being invaded by Russia tends to do that. Georgia, however, has been the object of interest by Washington for much longer …"

"… ct clearly reflected in U.S. military aid to the country.A quick lesson on Georgia: The country stands at the entrance to the Middle East, and is a short dis …"