Finding the truth in 935 lies about war with Iraq

By Bill Buzenberg

New book from Center's founder discusses the orchestrated deception that led to war in Iraq, and what it means for the future of truth.

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"… the two years after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, President George W. Bush and seven of his administration’s top officials made at least 935 false …"

Lobbyists helping banker recoup land Saddam 'stole'

By Reity O'Brien

Michigan banker hires lobbying duo to help recoup land he says Iraqi dictator stole.

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"… n Iraqi military academy that was captured by U.S. armed forces during the Iraq War. The United States officially turned over the training facility to the Ir …"

190,000 missing weapons in Iraq

By The Center for Public Integrity

Lack of central records system for weapons distributed in Iraq means that missing weapons may be in the hands of insurgents


By The Center for Public Integrity

A look inside the Center's reporting process for Iraq: The War Card

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"… doleezza Rice, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, and White House Press Secretaries Ari Fleischer and Scott McClellan. Thes …"

Contracts with provisional authorities

By Kevin Baron, Neil Gordon and Laura Peterson

Some players in Iraq got their business from Baghdad and Kabul

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"… role of private companies in the post-war countries.Three U.S. companies—banking and brokerage powerhouse J.P. Morgan Chase, oil giant Chevron/Texaco an …"

"… llion over an up-to-three-year period to run an operating consortium of 13 banks from 13 countries that will constitute the Trade bank of Iraq. The tempor …"

"… om 13 countries that will constitute the Trade bank of Iraq. The temporary bank's role is to issue and confirm credit letters to facilitate and encourage …"

"… loyees provided by the Iraq finance ministry, who will finance and run the bank in the long term, reports indicate. The Trade bank will begin with $100 mi …"

The disinformation campaign

By Philip Knightley

WASHINGTON, October 14, 2001 — The way wars are reported in the western media follows a depressingly predictable pattern: stage one, the cri

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"… oliticians, while calling for diplomacy, warn of military retaliation. The media reports this as "We're on the brink of war" or "War is inevitable."News coverage c …"

Will truth again be first casualty?

By Jacqueline Sharkey

"Well, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld said he had imposed no press restrictions. In fact, he said he hadn't really even considered the issue of

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"… in history. But one aspect of the conflict has received less attention.The Gulf War included unprecedented restrictions on the press by the military, and an e …"

"… xamines the controversies surrounding restrictions on the media during the Gulf War and two major U.S. offensive military operations in the 1980s: the invasio …"

"… these regions and on U.S. policy, and has threatened the historical record.Gulf War aim: “To promote public support for predetermined agendas”In the month …"

"… hould be defined.Evidence that private video firms interested in producing Gulf War programs that would present the U.S. military effort in a positive light w …"

Journalism with teeth

By Philip Knightley

LONDON, July 17, 1999 — Western media follow a depressingly familiar formula when it comes to the preparation of a nation for conflict....

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"… the next five weeks as an example of the evil of Saddam’s regime.In the Senate debate whether to approve military action to force Saddam out of Kuwait, s …"