Finding the truth in 935 lies about war with Iraq

By Bill Buzenberg

New book from Center's founder discusses the orchestrated deception that led to war in Iraq, and what it means for the future of truth.

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"… nter published in January 2008, five years after the start of the war with Iraq. It was called Iraq: The War Card: Orchestrated Deception on the Path …"

"… 2008, five years after the start of the war with Iraq. It was called Iraq: The War Card: Orchestrated Deception on the Path to War. Working wit …"

"… mation coming from top government officials leading up to the start of the Iraq war in March of 2003. The project overview is called False Pretenses. …"

"… lying realities.” The realities he found in regard to misinformation on Iraq were stunning. “Our report found that in the two years after the terrori …"

Lobbyists helping banker recoup land Saddam 'stole'

By Reity O'Brien

Michigan banker hires lobbying duo to help recoup land he says Iraqi dictator stole.

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"… he wants the real estate back. What to do? Hire a pair of well-connected lobbyists in Jason Poblete and Mauricio Tamargo, partners at the D.C. and Coral Gab …"

"… deral lawmakers. But for international cases like Habboo’s, retaining a lobbyist might be the only way for U.S. nationals to resolve the issues, Poblete sa …"

"… tion in Iraq. Habboo, who when reached by phone directed questions to his lobbyists, argued through them that Hussein’s regime expropriated land from his f …"

"… e personnel 40 Iraqi police advisers Tamargo, Habboo’s other personal lobbyist, is no stranger to the reams of bureaucratic red tape that can block U.S. …"

190,000 missing weapons in Iraq

By The Center for Public Integrity

Lack of central records system for weapons distributed in Iraq means that missing weapons may be in the hands of insurgents

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"… tols disappeared between 2004 and 2005, some 30 percent of all weapons the United States distributed to Iraqi forces during that time, reported the Government Acco …"


By The Center for Public Integrity

A look inside the Center's reporting process for Iraq: The War Card

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"… Journalism in Washington, a distinguished journalist in residence at American University, and the coauthor of five books, including the bestseller, The Buying …"

"… also was a researcher for the Fund's "Truth Project." He is a graduate of American University and is currently pursuing a law degree at the Syracuse University College …"

"… a graduate of Yale University and has a master's degree in journalism from American University. Han Nguyen, a web development consultant for this project, was the Cente …"

Contracts with provisional authorities

By Kevin Baron, Neil Gordon and Laura Peterson

Some players in Iraq got their business from Baghdad and Kabul

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"… San Paolo IMI, Italy; Royal Bank of Canada; Caja De Ahorros Y Pensiones De Barcelona; Standard Bank Group Limited , South Africa; Banco Comercial Portugues, Po …"

The disinformation campaign

By Philip Knightley

WASHINGTON, October 14, 2001 — The way wars are reported in the western media follows a depressingly predictable pattern: stage one, the cri

Will truth again be first casualty?

By Jacqueline Sharkey

"Well, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld said he had imposed no press restrictions. In fact, he said he hadn't really even considered the issue of

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"… in history. But one aspect of the conflict has received less attention.The Gulf War included unprecedented restrictions on the press by the military, and an e …"

"… xamines the controversies surrounding restrictions on the media during the Gulf War and two major U.S. offensive military operations in the 1980s: the invasio …"

"… these regions and on U.S. policy, and has threatened the historical record.Gulf War aim: “To promote public support for predetermined agendas”In the month …"

"… hould be defined.Evidence that private video firms interested in producing Gulf War programs that would present the U.S. military effort in a positive light w …"

Journalism with teeth

By Philip Knightley

LONDON, July 17, 1999 — Western media follow a depressingly familiar formula when it comes to the preparation of a nation for conflict....