Dental chain may be booted from Medicaid program

By David Heath

Small Smiles, under federal scrutiny for performing unnecessary dental treatments on children, could be barred from the Medicaid program.

ObamaCare oversight among health watchdog cuts

By Fred Schulte

Trims include ObamaCare oversight

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"… newsletters relevant to your interest. ------------------------- The inspector general’s office also is delaying an unspecified number of investigation …"

Senate report recommends ouster of large dental chain from Medicaid program

By David Heath

Small Smiles should be removed from Medicaid for encouraging dentists to perform unnecessary treatments to boost profits, investigators say.

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"… to settle charges of overbilling state Medicaid programs. Attorney General Eric Holder said at the time, “Many of these centers performed unnecessary and often …"

Feds tighten scrutiny of health records

By Fred Schulte

Feds increase scrutiny of how electronic systems affect billing

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"… the government about what is proper as medicine enters the digital era.Dr. David Kibbe, a senior advisor to the American Academy of Family Physicians on digital …"

IMPACT: Cabinet officials signal crackdown on Medicare billing abuse

By Fred Schulte and Joe Eaton

Sebelius, Holder signal new scrutiny in wake of Center series

How doctors and hospitals have collected billions in questionable Medicare fees

By Fred Schulte and David Donald

Center investigation suggests cost from upcoding and other abuses likely tops $11 billion.

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"… Obama administration has made a significant commitment to cracking down on Medicare fraud and abuse, officials don’t appear to have an aggressive strategy for cut …"

Judgment calls on billing make 'upcoding' prosecutions rare

By Fred Schulte

Authorities typically settle, and doctors often continue treating Medicare patients

Medicare fraud: What you need to know

By Sarah Whitmire

Last week's biggest-ever Medicare fraud bust nabbed 107 care providers, but how does this effort stack up?

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"… llas Morning News [PAYWALL], February 28, 2012 …"

"… at questionable billing practices and political interference that directs Medicare spending in often-inefficient ways.The big story in Medicare fraud last we …"

"… that directs Medicare spending in often-inefficient ways.The big story in Medicare fraud last week was an unprecedented bust of 107 doctors, nurses and socia …"

"… , as reported by the Associated Press. Though the crackdown was huge, Medicare fraud is believed to cost up to $90 billion annually, the scams associated …"

Probe finds hospital chain inaccurately diagnoses infections

By Christina Jewitt and Lance Williams

A California hospital chain under scrutiny over Medicare billing now faces questions about misdiagnoses of a blood infection

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"… rnia hospital chain under investigation for allegations of overbilling the Medicare system has inaccurately diagnosed patients with a blood infection known as …"

"… wed signs of having urinary tract infections, a far less serious condition.Medicare pays bonuses of several thousand dollars per case for treating elderly pat …"

"… e state health department probe is the latest to focus on issues involving Medicare billings at Prime, a fast-growing hospital chain based in Southern Califor …"

"… onal Union. The study said Prime hospitals reported septicemia rates among Medicare patients that were more than triple the national average.Two members of Co …"

Medicare fraud included phantom services, equipment

By Laurel Adams

A sampling of Medicare providers who were overpaid by $206 million in 2007-08 showed some billed the government for phantom services or for

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"… f the providers were located in U.S. Attorney districts that have set up a Medicare fraud team.Following are other new watchdog reports released by the Government A …"

Medicare fraud out of control

By The Center for Public Integrity

Medicare fraud runs rampant but no government crackdown yet, despite bipartisan support

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"… ckdown has taken place, despite calls by legislators from both parties. “Medicare fraud is running rampant across Florida and across the country,” Senator Mel M …"