Veterans Affairs, Defense Depts. spend billions in effort to coordinate records

By Hannah Winston

News21 investigation finds Veterans Affairs, Defense departments dropped at least $1.3B on failed records system.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Iraq":

"… disorder or chronic back pain. All are common among veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2012, the average time a claim waited for evidence to …"

Feds 'listen' for sounds of Medicare billing abuse

By Fred Schulte

Baltimore session looks at role of electronic health records in higher medical bills.

GOP senators call for overhaul of electronic health records program

By Fred Schulte

Report says $35 billion Obama administration stimulus program not working

Electronic medical records probed for over-billing

By Fred Schulte

Are feds doing all they can to ferret out waste from move to electronic records?

Feds tighten scrutiny of health records

By Fred Schulte

Feds increase scrutiny of how electronic systems affect billing

Excerpts from this story referencing "Medicare fraud":

"… ruary 2009.  …"

Medicare paid $3.6 billion for electronic health records but didn't verify quality goals were met

By Fred Schulte

Medicare paid providers billions to adopt electronic records without checking to see they're meeting quality goals

IMPACT: HHS IG pledges focus on Medicare billing abuse involving electronic records

By Fred Schulte

HHS inspector general announces focus on Medicare billing abuse involving electronic records

IMPACT: Administration official asks for Medicare billing review

By Fred Schulte

Administration official wants to know if electronic health records are causing Medicare over-billing

Excerpts from this story referencing "Dave Camp":

"… tests and medical errors.The letter was signed by Ways and Means chairman Dave Camp, R-Mich., Energy and Commerce Chairman Fred Upton, D-Mich., Ways and Means …"

Billing complexity spawns new industry

By Fred Schulte

Thousands now employed as professional coders, but oversight is lacking.

Growth of electronic medical records eases path to inflated bills

By Fred Schulte

Billing software helps medical professionals document higher fees.

Excerpts from this story referencing "U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office":

"… ors,” said Jennifer Trussell, who directs the investigations unit of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General. “We are all excited about the many benefits of el …"

Panel recommends new agency to investigate safety of health information technology

By Kimberly Leonard

Institute of Medicine panel recommends new regulatory body, not FDA

Excerpts from this story referencing "allergy":

"… ogy can lead to serious injury or death, according to the report.  An allergy might be omitted from a computer record, for example, or an incorrect medi …"

As states build exchanges, questions linger about interoperability

By Josh Israel and Kimberly Leonard

Lingering questions about interoperability of state health information exchanges

Stimulus funds will build state health exchanges but might not sustain them

By Josh Israel and Kimberly Leonard

Federal stimulus money will build exchanges, but may not be enough to sustain them

Health information technology: Keep it simple

By Kimberly Leonard

Reports say systems must be understandable to avoid dangerous medical errors

Excerpts from this story referencing "allergy":

"… safety, but the electronic systems can also facilitate problems.  An allergy might be omitted from a computer record, for example, or the name of a med …"

Health information technology: Incentives may not always serve intended purpose

By Josh Israel and Kimberly Leonard

Some payments may be going to doctors who have been using electronic health records for years

Privacy advocates want stricter rules for online, patient-controlled health records

By Kimberly Leonard

Privacy groups say clearer rules are needed for online, patient-controlled health records, but an HHS study of the issue is 18 months late

Doctors skittish about health technology despite promise of big federal bucks

By Susan Jaffe

The federal government is paying physicians billions to adopt electronic health records, but doctors still aren't sure they want the cash

Excerpts from this story referencing "electronic health systems":

"… living in a dream world,” she said.It doesn’t help that 570 different electronic health systems certified by private organizations for non-hospital settings may be used t …"

Tentative security definition confuses health care providers, privacy groups

By Kimberly Leonard

When must health providers tell patients that their personal information was breached? Rule pending.

Excerpts from this story referencing "federal government":

"… the effectiveness of treatments. But it was only in recent years that the federal government created financial incentives for doctors and hospitals to make the change. …"

"… site — and must often report such breaches to the media.   The federal government also gave state attorneys general increased authority to take action again …"

Telehealth bill aims to expand health IT access for home care providers

By Kimberly Leonard and Josh Israel

A proposed new Senate bill would give home care providers in rural areas access to Medicare payments for audio and video home monitoring. ..

Will digital technology reduce gap in health between rich and poor?

By Emma Schwartz

Two years ago, the Ethio American Health Center opened its doors in the nation’s capital, promising the country’s largest community of Ethio

Excerpts from this story referencing "interpreter":

"… patitis B.To get treatment, he’s had to go to the local hospital with an interpreter, bringing along paper copies of his record.But when he can, he prefers com …"

Push for safety oversight of electronic medical records is moving at a crawl

By Emma Schwartz

Nearly two years after the Obama administration announced plans to spend $40 billion to help doctors and hospitals adopt electronic medical

FDA, Obama digital medical records team at odds over safety oversight

By Fred Schulte and Emma Schwartz

Previously undisclosed hospital mixup underscores challenges on road to reform

Excerpts from this story referencing "Washington":

"… he healthcare system,” Blumenthal said when unveiling new regulations in Washington on July 13.In public remarks that day, Blumenthal said he “expects” an …"

"… and other federal health officials unveiled their digital records plan in Washington, an obscure government agency held a conference less than 20 miles away in …"

"… .Others said that despite the rosy view taken by many political figures in Washington, many systems on the market today aren’t designed in ways that prevent a …"

Are new digital networks part of the cure?

By Emma Schwartz

Targeting the chronically ill, Obama Administration bets millions

Excerpts from this story referencing "cell phones":

"… s reflect a growing view that technology, including everyday tools such as cell phones and computers, can help change behaviors and poor health habits that lead …"

Amid digital records surge, a lack of policing by the FDA

By Emma Schwartz and Fred Schulte

Government offers incentives to buy electronic devices it doesn't track for safety

As doctors shift to electronic health systems, signs of harm emerge

By Fred Schulte and Emma Schwartz

Reports link system malfunctions to injuries, deaths

Effort to track medical safety issues faces long road ahead

By Fred Schulte and Emma Schwartz

Panel seeks centralized data on hazards related to digital systems

Excerpts from this story referencing "Medicare":

"… s plan.Under the stimulus bill, doctors can receive up to $44,000 in extra Medicare payments if they adopt a digital medical record system and make “meaning …"

FDA asks hospitals to report safety glitches in digital health systems

By Fred Schulte and Emma Schwartz

In letter to 350 health centers, agency signals growing concern

Experts: Safety oversight needed as patient records go digital

By Fred Schulte and Emma Schwartz

With digital transition approaching for many practices, safety and security issues continue to surface

Shopping for health software, some doctors get buyer’s remorse

By Emma Schwartz

Volatile industry prompts calls for oversight of firms’ financial strength

Excerpts from this story referencing "federal judge":

"… ed out, Acermed had been dealing with problems of its own. In July 2006, a federal judge ordered Acermed to pay more than $750,000 for using some of the source cod …"

As health files go digital, patients may spot unpleasant surprises

By Fred Schulte

Sensitive questions arise about access to online medical data

Excerpts from this story referencing "critic":

"… s a former health cost containment manager from Encinitas, Calif., and a critic of managed care plans.In May 2006, when Finney and his wife, Jacquelyn, do …"