Herbicide ban on hold in Sri Lanka, as source of deadly kidney disease remains elusive

By Sasha Chavkin

After Sri Lanka's announced ban on a Monsanto herbicide, opponents challenged the action and convinced the president to put the ban on hold.

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"… ong agricultural workers, which has not been reported in Brazil. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said it is now engaged in a registration review proces …"

Sri Lanka bans Monsanto herbicide citing potential link to deadly kidney disease

By Sasha Chavkin

Sri Lanka orders ban on glyphosate, an active ingredient in Roundup, citing kidney disease outbreak; Monsanto said the evidence is unproven.

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"… ally related to CKD," said Dr. Catharina Wesseling of the Program on Work, Environment and Health in Central America (SALTRA). "However, although beneficial for …"

Countries target pesticides as suspected link to rare kidney disease

By Sasha Chavkin

Governments from El Salvador to Sri Lanka explore the role of pesticides in a malady killing laborers, as other scientists eye heat stress.

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"… ing down on pesticides as a potential cause of a mysterious form of kidney disease killing agricultural workers. In El Salvador, the congress approved a ban …"

"… second nation to ban top-selling pesticides for a potential link to kidney disease. Meanwhile, in India, new research from Harvard University and the state …"

"… f Investigative Journalists has examined how a rare type of chronic kidney disease, CKD, is afflicting agricultural workers along Central America’s Pa …"

"… ause of the parallel epidemics. Following its emergence in the 1990s, the disease was widely ignored by authorities even as it devastated impoverished rural …"

New urgency targets mysterious kidney disease in Central America

By Sasha Chavkin

In El Salvador, health ministries formally recognize a kidney disease killing laborers — and vow deeper scrutiny of its causes.

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"… n humans,” said Dr. Stephanie Seneff, a Senior Research Scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Seneff published a study last week raising concer …"

Weighing safety of weed killer in drinking water, EPA relies heavily on industry-backed studies

By Danielle Ivory

Agency says company's evidence 'scientifically more robust' than independent research

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"… 2004 due to a lack of evidence to support its safe use. That ban includes Switzerland, where atrazine’s manufacturer, Syngenta, is headquartered. The EPA expe …"

U.S. Congressman renews attempts to ban controversial herbicide atrazine

By Danielle Ivory

Rep. Keith Ellison tries for second time to warn public of atrazine

Cities sue manufacturer of weed-killer found in tap water

By Danielle Ivory

Federal lawsuit seeks funding to remove atrazine from water supply

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"… a.  The communities allege that Swiss corporation Syngenta AG and its Delaware counterpart Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc. reaped billions of dollars from …"

New EPA scrutiny for Atrazine reflected in Center’s database complaints

By M.B. Pell and Jim Morris

After years of fielding complaints about the ubiquitous weed-killer and water pollutant atrazine, the Environmental Protection Agency has de

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"… e used domestically in 2008.Steven Goldsmith, a spokesman for atrazine’s Switzerland-based manufacturer, Syngenta, called the EPA’s reassessment “really un …"

In reversal of Bush policy, EPA launches new study of atrazine’s health effects

By Danielle Ivory

EPA plans to look into atrazine's potentially harmful effects, such as birth defects and low birth weight

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"… emphasizing transparency in this evaluation process,” said Jason Rohr, a specialist in ecotoxicology at the University of South Florida who served on the EPA …"

Water utilities lack proper filters for weed-killer

By Danielle Ivory

Many water companies not using carbon filter that removes weed-killer atrazine

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"… St. Louis, who represents the water systems. “They’re cash strapped.”Jere White, executive director of the Kansas City Corn Growers Association and the Ka …"

"… le in the United States.”Updated Aug. 27, 4:54pm: In an interview today, Jere White of the Kansas Corn Growers Association said he does not oppose all regulat …"

EPA fails to inform public about weed-killer in drinking water

By Danielle Ivory

An herbicide atrazine has been found in four state, at levels ten times higher than federal safety limits

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"… EPA, as well as to the local water companies and most state regulators.The Natural Resources Defense Council, an advocacy organization, is expected to release a report on Monday that …"

"… | 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003Download the Natural Resources Defense Council Report: “Atrazine: Poisoning the Well” …"

Quiet burial of a secret agent

By Jay Mayman

DWELLINGUP, Australia, February 1, 2002 — Like the cry of a wounded bird, it rang out in the Hanoi street, high and plaintive: "Dioxin, Diox

Excerpts from this story referencing "Environment":

"… Among the sixteen he asked in vain in 1994: “Will the minister table all Environmental Protection Authority reports relating to tests on the site, including th …"

"… l dumpsite was clearly marked on a map I obtained from the West Australian Environmental Protection Authority.I went to Vietnam to find answers. Talk to the old …"