Sustaining an unpopular regime

By Marina Walker Guevara

In the Philippines, U.S. aid has helped bolster a government whose military is tied to extrajudicial killings

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"… base Editor Ben Welsh contributed this report. …"

"… ights some of the high-tech military hardware the government obtained with U.S. aid.Military forces have allowed and encouraged scores of extrajudicial ki …"

"… ced by a government-appointed inquiry commission.More than $245 million in U.S. aid was channeled to the Philippines in the three years after 9/11. The ai …"

"… rt an unpopular and, some say, authoritarian regime."If it weren't for the U.S. military aid, it wouldn't have been so easy for this impunity to prevail i …"

Operation 'targeted killings'

By Yossi Melman

U.S. shows signs of emulating controversial Israeli anti-terrorism policy

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"… te, "the chance that civilians will be harmed is almost certain." …"

"… at civilians will be harmed is almost certain." …"

"… amas, Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and Islamic Jihad have been assassinated by Israeli military and security forces. As American intelligence and armed forces c …"

"… forces. As American intelligence and armed forces continue to employ many Israeli counterterrorism and interrogation techniques, the question of whether ta …"

Gay rights lobby courts lawmakers with cash

By Michael Beckel

Human Rights Campaign lobbies Congress, donates to lawmakers, as it makes case for marriage equality.

U.S. points finger, and arms exports, at human rights abusers

By Zach Toombs and R. Jeffrey Smith

The State Department decries repression in the countries where it promotes the purchase of U.S. weaponry.

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"… lgeria, Egypt, and Peru — are listed in the report as recently receiving U.S. firearms, armored vehicles, and items from a category that includes chemic …"

"… and riot control agents like tear gas. The State Department confirmed that U.S. tear gas was delivered to Egypt up to the end of November, but has decline …"

"… h Institute. RU.S.a, France, and China followed behind. Much of the recent U.S. increase came from vastly expanded sales to Saudi Arabia, Brazil and India …"

"… nd India.“Obviously, we’re going to continue to press and advocate for U.S. arms sales,” said Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of Political-Milita …"

Punishing the wrongfully convicted

By Steve Weinburg

Federal law keeps defendants denied a fair trial – including those who may be innocent – behind bars

When criticism becomes a crime

By Joel Simon

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, August 1, 2001 — Imagine you’ve just broken a story about how the president’s cronies, including members of the Sup

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"… arges against you. The Supreme Court ratifies the charges.It sounds like a journalist’s nightmare, but it happened to Argentine columnist and investigative re …"

"… ulting a judge. In another 1999 case, charges were brought against Chilean journalist Alejandra Matus, who was forced to flee into exile to avoid arrest after h …"

"… Supreme Court judge.The good news is that there is growing awareness among journalists in Latin America that these punitive press laws must be repealed. Last De …"

"… only that published information is false and defamatory, but also that the journalist who published it knew or should have known it was false at the time of pub …"