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"… mbed a site in Baghdad that military officials believed was the hideout of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. Although the failed attempt to kill him was follow …"

"… nauspicious start to a war that would lead to a lengthy U.S. occupation of Iraq and the expenditure of hundreds of billions of dollars from the U.S. treas …"

"… ffort to hold accountable the officials who led the United States into the Iraq war and orchestrated the war’s expansion, the Center for Public Integrit …"

Excerpts from this story referencing Iraq

"… SAID awarded a $343 million contract to Louis Berger Group in 2007 to help Iraqi farmers by promoting crop diversity, improving farmers’ access to infor …"

"… e yields, or the amount of land planted,” the IG said.According to USAID/Iraq, it is “aggressively rectifying” program problems with the contractor. …"

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"… llions from the need for ever more weaponry in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq spawned by bin Laden's singularly horrible act of evil on Sept. 11, 2001. …"

"… then, more than1,400 soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan and 4,450 in Iraq -- and tens of thousands more have come home wounded. Winner: Bob Gates, …"

"… onflict, and now blames everyone but himself for miscues in the Afghan and Iraq wars. Winner: The U.S. national security agencies, which coordinated a co …"

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"… ation with his complaints. …"

"… eakdown by Pentagon brass – the failure to anticipate the use of IEDs by Iraqi insurgents. “DOD was aware of the threat posed by mines and improvised …"

"… ability of mine-resistant vehicles years before insurgent actions began in Iraq in 2003,” the report states. “The department entered into operations i …"

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"… ugust 2007, they seemed ironic: Four years after the United States invaded Iraq in search of Saddam Hussein’s weapons, according to the Government Accou …"

"… difficulty in keeping tabs on the weaponry it ships isn’t restricted to Iraq. PaperTrail has learned that the GAO is now focusing on U.S. weapons that …"

"… port, however, attracted none of the media furor that followed the GAO’s Iraq release.But the pending GAO report on weapons possibly gone astray in Afgh …"

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"… icted the need for hundreds of thousands of troops to secure post-invasion Iraq — far more than the 148,000 who were eventually assigned the job. Accord …"

"… ned the job. According to an official U.S. Army history of the conflict in Iraq, “The military means employed were sufficient to destroy the Saddam regi …"

"… ver since.” Though there were some strategies for securing post-invasion Iraq, “few if any made it into the serious planning process,” according to …"

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"… le of $100-million worth of high-technology anti-aircraft radar systems to Iraq on July 10, 2000, in violation of United Nations sanctions.The Center for …"

"… tes used to export Ukrainian trucks. Kuchma also agreed to send experts to Iraq with forged passports to deploy the system. The operation was to be conduc …"

"… rooks, a spokesman for the Defense Intelligence Agency, said when asked if Iraq had deployed long-range passive radar systems. “Iraq has them.” One Eu …"