An alliance gone bad

By Prangtip Daorueng

Thai government's cooperation in war on terror brought in U.S. dollars — and the CIA

Excerpts from this story referencing "officer":

"… warmly referred to Police Maj.-Gen. Tritos Ranaridhvichai, the Thai police officer who was officially responsible for the arrest, as "my hero."But the arrest …"

"… onal Studies (CSIS), a respected U.S. think tank, the center is led by CIA officers and works closely on a daily basis with key personnel from Thailand's thr …"

"… . "Nobody believed the accusation against him."Even some Thai intelligence officers doubted the circumstances of his arrest. "There was no intelligence infor …"

"… of five suspected insurgents linked to the 2004 weapons theft. Five police officers were eventually arrested and charged with the abduction. One police major …"