Thank you and farewell

By Bill Buzenberg

Bill Buzenburg on his eight years as Executive Director of the Center for Public Integrity

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"… er.” Thank you all.   …"

"… than $50 million in the last eight years, I am pleased to report that The Center for Public Integrity is supported by as many as 50 different foundations and thousands of indiv …"

"… inancial deficit I faced in my first days on the job. The 25-year-old Center for Public Integrity is a well-respected, efficiently run nonprofit institution, with a profess …"

"… an outsider’s eye on how I might be able help the new leadership at the Center for Public Integrity,  so it will continue to succeed as it changes and adapts over the ne …"

Center for Public Integrity hires Carrie Levine as federal politics reporter

By The Center for Public Integrity

Carrie Levine — former Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington research director — to investigate money in politics.

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"…   …"

"… g the influence of money in politics. Levine will primarily write for the Center for Public Integrity's “Consider the Source” project, which investigates campaign finance a …"

"… Award finalist for top political blog. For four years before joining the Center for Public Integrity, Levine worked as research director at Citizens for Responsibility and Eth …"

"… University Graduate School of Journalism. The Washington, D.C.-based Center for Public Integrity is a nonprofit, nonpartisan and independent news organization specializing …"

Journalism awards matter, but real impact counts more

By Bill Buzenberg

Pulitzer aside, this work will enable thousands of coal miners with black lung to finally receive the benefits they deserve.

Why aren't more people alarmed by the falling numbers of reporters?

By Bill Buzenberg

Skoll World Forum highlights the growing risks to journalists and investigative reporting worldwide.

Two Center projects are finalists for esteemed Goldsmith Prize

By Bill Buzenberg

'Secrecy for Sale' and 'Breathless and Burdened' up for investigative reporting award.

Julie Patel joins Center for Public Integrity's federal politics reporting team

By The Center for Public Integrity

Veteran reporter Julie Patel previously worked for San Jose Mercury News, South Florida Sun Sentinel.

How much do you value longform watchdog journalism?

By Bill Buzenberg

How important is it to you to continue to find out about abuses of power, corruption and betrayal of public trust?

Support our crowd-funded project and actor John Cusack will match it

By The Center for Public Integrity

Freedom of the Press Foundation's latest crowd-funding campaign includes The Center, two more new outlets.

Sustaining watchdog journalism in the digital age, hosted by the Center for Public Integrity and Paley Center for Media

By iWatch News

A program about innovative approaches to funding and producing investigative journalism

Center’s Jim Morris Gives 11th Sinclair Lecture

Morris is honored for his investigations on worker safety

Digging deep: Recommended reading about investigative journalism

By Michael Hudson

With the struggles of many old-line news media, it's easy to forget how important real reporting is to informing citizens and defeating the

Latin American investigative conference keen on collaborations

By Ricardo Sandoval Palos

In only its second run, the Latin American Conference on Investigative Journalism – held last weekend in Buenos Aires – has become one of th

Center for Public Integrity embraces Google’s fast flip

By Bill Buzenberg

In-depth, highly credible, fact-checked, no-stone-unturned investigative journalism is seldom going to appear as the highest item in a quick

Muckrakers of the world unite

By David E. Kaplan

While U.S. news organizations are shutting down investigative teams and laying off their most experienced reporters, something extraordinary

Commentary: Journalism and patriotism

By Bill Kovach

WASHINGTON, August 7, 2002 — A lot of very important things came into focus on September 11 last year. Before 9-11 or after 9-11 has become

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"… weeks ago. One was publication of an op-ed piece by a graduate student at Harvard in The Washington Post in which he argued that he thought ABC was correct …"

Commentary: Citizen muckraking

By Charles Lewis

September 30, 1999 — With 6 billion people on the planet and 270 million living in the United States, who can blame anyone for thinking that