CDC launches industry-financed studies of deadly kidney disease in Central America

By Sasha Chavkin

The CDC launches industry-funded research into a kidney disease killing thousands of Central American agricultural workers.

New urgency targets mysterious kidney disease in Central America

By Sasha Chavkin

In El Salvador, health ministries formally recognize a kidney disease killing laborers — and vow deeper scrutiny of its causes.

In India, verdant terrain conceals clues to a fatal kidney disease

By Sasha Chavkin

How a rare kidney disease is killing laborers and vexing researchers in three countries.

As kidney disease kills thousands across continents, scientists scramble for answers

By Sasha Chavkin

How a rare kidney disease is killing laborers and vexing researchers in three countries.

Support our new investigation into a deadly disease killing agricultural workers

By Ellen Weiss

Support our investigation of a disease that is killing workers around the world.

Costa Rica to study kidney disease afflicting sugarcane workers

By Sasha Chavkin

In Costa Rica, health officials and one company step up against a disease that's claimed thousands of lives in Central America

Excerpts from this story referencing "epidemic":

"… estigative Journalists that explored the mysterious and largely overlooked epidemic of chronic kidney disease — or CKD — that is killing thousands of suga …"

"… cally sensitive questions surrounding what regional health experts call an epidemic: whether the illness should be classified as an occupational disease. Many …"

"… rdas, a nephrologist at Costa Rica’s Hospital Mexico who has studied the epidemic in Guanacaste. “If it proves this, the government will say to the manage …"

"… American scientists that has played a pioneering role in the study of the epidemic. In Guanacaste, doctors who last year described being overwhelmed by the f …"

The weekly watchdog: Dec. 12 - Dec. 16

By Bill Buzenberg

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Thousands of sugar cane workers die as wealthy nations stall on solutions

By Sasha Chavkin and Ronnie Greene

Mysterious kidney disease has killed thousands of men in an isolated region of Central America, but why?


A note of the data and analysis for 'Island of the Widows'

Excerpts from this story referencing "World Health Organization":

"… idney disease (CKD) in Central America is based on mortality data from the World Health Organization. Our goal was to obtain to a conservative estimate of the epidemic’s imp …"

"… being classified in different ways. It is also because prior to 2000, the World Health Organization presented data in only a single category that indicated overall deaths cau …"