Wisconsin justice's spouse head of union-busting law firm

By Chris Young

Wisconsin Supreme Court justice married to head of firm that battles unions.

Report: Campaign law changes hasten power imbalance between rich, poor

By Dave Levinthal

New report asserts campaign law changes have further eroded political clout of the middle class and poor.

ALEC's decades of 'right-to-work' effort pay off in Michigan

By Paul Abowd

Think tank’s 32-year 'right-to-work' campaign succeeds in union stronghold

Excerpts from this story referencing "Michigan":

"… ctions from the state’s congressional delegation and even the president, Michigan’s Republican Gov. Rick Snyder signed a “right-to-work” bill into law …"

"… 1992, ALEC members introduced the bill in 11 state legislatures, including Michigan.None of them passed.In 1995, ALEC reported that its legislator-members int …"

"… Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels signed into law in February.Key parts of the Michigan law are identical to the text in the ALEC model bill.Snyder flip flopMichi …"

"… higan law are identical to the text in the ALEC model bill.Snyder flip flopMichigan’s governor reversed his stance on what he had repeatedly called a “div …"

Warehouse worker lawsuit targets Walmart

By Jim Morris and Adithya Sambamurthy

Warehouse laborers, citing oppressive conditions and unpaid wages, contend Walmart is among those responsible.

National unions and Chamber of Commerce face off in Michigan

By Paul Abowd

Michigan’s emergency manager law, and labor’s future, up for a vote

Excerpts from this story referencing "Indiana":

"… e failed recall effort in Wisconsin and an anti-union right-to-work law in Indiana.Right-to-work laws have stifled union membership in 23 states, mostly in t …"

FACT CHECK: Is Texas impervious to the recession?

By FactCheck.Org

Gov. Perry picks and chooses which economic statistics suit his presidential campaign, and his critics do the same

Excerpts from this story referencing "transportation":

"… a significant factor in helping the state."Texas jobs have grown in trade, transportation and utilities; professional and business services; and education and healt …"

"… as measured by BLS, government is the second largest sector, behind trade, transportation and utilities. Since June 2009, the state has added 31,100 government jobs …"