Wisconsin justice's spouse head of union-busting law firm

By Chris Young

Wisconsin Supreme Court justice married to head of firm that battles unions.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Ann Walsh Bradley":

"… firm that helps employers keep their workplaces “union-free.” Justice Ann Walsh Bradley’s husband is Mark J. Bradley, a lawyer for Ruder Ware, a Wisconsin-based …"

Free repository offers copies of PACER federal court records

By Traver Riggins

Want to see the federal indictment of a mortgage fraudster? You got it. Need the docket for a U.S. appeals court case? It’s yours. All with

Breaking the rules

By Steve Weinburg

Who suffers when a prosecutor is cited for misconduct?

Excerpts from this story referencing "Ohio":

"… s to have bent or broken the rules multiple times.In Cuyahoga County, Ohio, Carmen Marino, who served for 30 years as a prosecutor before retiring in …"

"… before retiring in 2002, won five convictions that were overturned by the Ohio appellate courts. Appellate judges have ruled that Montgomery County,  …"

Anatomy of misconduct

By Steve Weinburg

There's much to learn when a trial goes terribly wrong

Excerpts from this story referencing "West Virginia":

"… sis may be faulty or the forensic scientist untrustworthy. Fred S. Zain in West Virginia and Joyce Gilchrist in Oklahoma City are among the forensic technicians em …"

"… ems; it is known, however, that even after Zain came under suspicion, some West Virginia prosecutors continued to ask that he specifically conduct forensic tests b …"

"… n, a law enforcement officer, began directing the serology division of the West Virginia State Police Crime Laboratory in 1979. Some of his staff suspected his com …"

"… n payment for Woodall.A subsequent investigation into Zain's work led to a West Virginia Supreme Court ruling that all convictions involving Zain's findings would …"