Export push reframes debate over fracking

By Alexandra Duszak

Energy indepedence for the U.S. no longer at issue — exports would help industry's bottom line.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Pennsylvania":

"… said. “I taught history, and people don’t learn from history.” …"

"… ion become energy independent and provide jobs and lower heating costs for Pennsylvanians. But with gas prices collapsing thanks to an unforeseen glut, energy co …"

"… the environment, and higher, rather than lower, gas prices, say critics. Pennsylvanians are “surprised, stunned, angry and upset” about the export push, sai …"

"… into underground shale deposits. The technology, which became popular in Pennsylvania around 2008, enabled drilling companies to access enormous, previously unr …"

Appealing to a higher authority

By Kevin Bogardus

Federal energy regulators smooth the way for liquefied natural gas terminals