Michigan's budget crisis puts democracy on the chopping block

By Paul Abowd

Michigan's emergency manager law grants sweeping powers to unelected officials

Excerpts from this story referencing "General Motors":

"… d-January report to the state.Flint has hemorrhaged jobs for decades since General Motors began closing factories in the 1980s. Brown is the second state-appointed …"

Donors use charity to push free-market policies in states

By Paul Abowd

Charity acts as screen for conservative foundations that feed network of state-based think tanks, media outlets.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Mackinac Center":

"… rs Trust to attend ALEC meetings in 2011 including the Michigan-based Mackinac Center and the Arizona-based Goldwater Institute, which introduced a raft of anti …"

"… a raft of anti-union model bills at ALEC’s spring 2012 conference. The Mackinac Center has gotten $2.4 million from Donors Trust since 2008, according to the Bri …"

"… ng to the Bridge Project, a liberal think tank. One Donors Trust grant to Mackinac Center was earmarked for “statehouse reporting” efforts. Mackinac put th …"

"… tudies making the case for the state’s new “right-to-work” law. The Mackinac Center works closely with other Donors Trust recipients, including the Franklin C …"

ALEC's decades of 'right-to-work' effort pay off in Michigan

By Paul Abowd

Think tank’s 32-year 'right-to-work' campaign succeeds in union stronghold

Excerpts from this story referencing "Rick Snyder":

"… gressional delegation and even the president, Michigan’s Republican Gov. Rick Snyder signed a “right-to-work” bill into law Tuesday, drawn word-for-word fr …"

National unions and Chamber of Commerce face off in Michigan

By Paul Abowd

Michigan’s emergency manager law, and labor’s future, up for a vote

Excerpts from this story referencing "Rick Snyder":

"… ording to the Michigan Campaign Finance Network.Labor wants to repeal Gov. Rick Snyder’s landmark emergency manager law, which has been a bane to public sector …"

ALEC anti-union push includes key players from Michigan, Arizona think tanks

By Paul Abowd

Goldwater Institute, Mackinac Center sponsored model bills at Charlotte summit