Cook County sparks national changes in mental health care for delinquent youth

Cook County sparks national changes in treatment for delinquent youth.

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"… One problem, overcrowding, was already on the wane. As a pilot site in the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative, Cook County created a rang …"

Tucson shooter was troubled, but could still buy a gun

By Kimberly Leonard

The months-long pattern of bizarre behavior by alleged Tucson shooter Jared Lee Loughner has once again raised questions about what sort of

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"… y Act] — a law that sets forth privacy for students,” he said.Virginia attorney Stephen P. Halbrook, a frequent defender of gun owners’ rights, asserted …"

Government orders Columbia to tell patients 'true nature' of drug study

By Jeanne Lenzer and Shannon Brownlee

Officials say research may have caused harm to people who had heart surgery

Kuklo, target of Army probe, a top recipient of Medtronic travel

If you read today's New York Times, you're likely familiar with the story of former Army surgeon Timothy R. Kuklo, a paid consultant to Medt

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"… of Journalism, and the Associated Press.A former colleague of Kuklo’s at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Dr. David W. Polly Jr., took even more expensive trips than Kuklo. Polly …"

Watchdogs on short leashes

By Kenneth Vogel and Leah Rush

For most legislatures, ethics enforcement is an in-house affair; for the rest, agencies that oversee them are kept on a short leash

The story behind fatal care

By Bill Birnbauer

MELBOURNE, Australia, August 1, 2000 — Our high noon began on an ordinary morning at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal. As the