Arms export rules relaxed

By Rebecca LaFlure

A stream of military equipment exports will soon bypass State Department scrutiny

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"… jobs… much more difficult.” Arms exports are a big business for the United States. In 2011, the U.S. government entered into a record-breaking $66.3 billion …"

Practice attack on Moscow was anything but routine

By Douglas Birch

Did 1983 U.S.-NATO war game bring the world to the brink of Armageddon?

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"… in three installments beginning May 16 and ending Thursday. Ranging from presidential note cards to previously secret CIA reports, the documents describing A …"

Pentagon spends billions on duplicative camouflage outfits, GAO says

By Douglas Birch

Auditors say waste results when the military services insist on going their own way

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"… n hidden, according to the report. The problem is about to get worse: The Army is considering replacing its battle uniform for the third time in 11 years …"

"… Of the four services that developed new uniforms in the 1990s — the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines — only the Marines appear to have done …"

"… arrel, although the GAO said the other services could still copy it.) The Army, in contrast, took three years and spent $3.2 million to develop a uniform …"

"… m introduced in 2005 that did not reflect the conclusions of testing. The Army itself decided in 2009 that its Combat Uniform “offered less effective c …"

Obama administration embraces major new nuclear weapons cut

By R. Jeffrey Smith

Officials back a new targeting plan and a one-third reduction in the U.S. arsenal.

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"… rov, and additional talks are slated in Moscow this month with acting undersecretary of state Rose Gottemoeller and White House national security adviser Thomas Donilon …"

Daily Disclosure: Crossroads GPS hits North Dakota's Heitkamp

By Rachael Marcus

GOP-aligned dark money group Crossroads GPS launches second round of ads in North Dakota in as many weeks.

FACT CHECK: Attack ad backs off its harshest claim

By FactCheck.Org

After yanking ad with false claim, Crossroads GPS is back with one that's technically accurate, but still grossly misleading.

The Army tank that could not be stopped

By Aaron Mehta and Lydia Mulvany

Corporate cash and adroit lobbying have helped crush the Army’s effort to stop work on its premier tank.

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"… f the House subcommittee dealing with land forces, Rep. Silvestre Reyes, D-Texas, railed against the Army’s decision to freeze work on the Abrams. Since …"

Former U.S. nuclear commander startles with proposal to cut weapons arsenal by 80%

By R. Jeffrey Smith

Squabbling in Washington intensifies as a former nuclear force commander urges 80% reduction in the arsenal.

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"… weapons launch business — Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and General Dynamics — and their corporate political action committees have given $1.89 milli …"

Problems with battlefield smartphones

By David Axe

Soldiers say that hi-tech can be a distraction in combat

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"… That we continue to be, is somewhat strange.” …"

"… sh. Some were equipped with new JTRS-compatible Rifleman radios, which the Army had just agreed to buy from General Dynamics for $56 million, or around $8 …"

"… the soldiers complained not only about the radios they used, but about the Army’s strategic vision of a battlefield Internet. “It’s a distraction, …"

"… omplained about their weight and the inaccuracy of their built-in GPS. The Army nonetheless plans to buy 215,000 of the devices — one for every front-li …"

Government fails to keep eye on night-vision goggles in Mideast

By R. Jeffrey Smith and Alexandra Duszak

Pentagon, State Department lose track of valuable military equipment, GAO says

Pentagon needs to address potential cyber attacks on high-tech systems

By Laurel Adams

The Pentagon is far behind in crafting a system to counter cyber attacks

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"… lassified information.DOD created the U.S. Cyber Command in 2009 under the U.S. Strategic Command, which allows military, civilian and contractor personnel to staff cybersp …"

The million-dollar weapon

By Sharon Weinberger

Raytheon has sold more than 2,000 of its million-dollar-plus cruise missiles to the Pentagon during a decade of war. ...

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"… per hour. During a decade of war in Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Libya, the Pentagon has increasingly relied on the Tomahawk. A year ago, Raytheon boasted of i …"

Ghost soldiers

By Mark Benjamin and Barbara Slavin

The Pentagon sent ill-equipped and poorly trained reservists into harm's way as it scrambled to fill Civil Affairs units to rebuild Iraq and

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"… is physical ailments.Once he was reactivated, he attended a few classes in Oklahoma for two weeks and then was sent to Fort Bragg, she said.“I don’t know …"

Crossroads GPS ad attacks Harry Reid, and attack ads

By Josh Israel and Aaron Mehta

Crossroads Grassroots Political Strategies (GPS), a conservative group that has poured millions of dollars into attack ads, is airing a new

Night-vision devices unaccounted for in Iraq

By Te-Ping Chen

The Pentagon seems to have some trouble keeping track of its materiel. The latest items to go missing? Night-vision devices....

Pentagon contract reform: A decades-old conversation

By Nick Schwellenbach

President Obama told us last week that "the days of giving defense contractors a blank check are over.” Well, maybe. Reforming Pentagon cont

Mismanagement of major weapons acquisitions

By The Center for Public Integrity

Department of Defense went $300 billion over estimates for new weapons acquisitions, and weapons deliveries run 21 months behind

Contracting intelligence

By André Verlöy and Daniel Politi

Department of Interior releases Abu Ghraib contract

Excerpts from this story referencing "General Services Administration":

"… Army but were awarded through the Department of the Interior, which used a General Services Administration contract designed for information technology purchases.The GSA negotiates …"

Contractors write the rules

By Jonathan Werve

Army policy governing use of contractors omits intelligence restrictions

Excerpts from this story referencing "author":

"… mpany's Web site.Michael B. Williams, the MPRI employee who is the primary author of the most recent edition of the manual, said the company started "with s …"

"… e and relevant further interests served by the contractor."Omission has no authorWhen asked about the lack of specific restrictions on contractor roles in i …"