The 47-year-old nuclear elephant in the room

By Douglas Birch and R. Jeffrey Smith

A growing number of U.S. experts say that feigning ignorance about Israel’s nuclear arsenal creates more trouble than it averts.

Excerpts from this story referencing "United States":

"… world’s “worst-kept secrets” dates from a political deal between the United States and Israel in the late 1960s. Its consequence has been to help Israel main …"

"… pons, a widespread consensus exists in the region and among experts in the United States that Israel possesses a number of nuclear weapons. For Israel’s neighbor …"

"… ould not test its nuclear weapons or announce it possessed them, while the United States wouldn’t press Israel to give them up or to sign the Non-Proliferation T …"

"… ma’s top advisor on nuclear nonproliferation from 2009 to 2013, said the United States has long preferred that Israel hold to its policy of amimut, out of concer …"

Briefing the president but keeping the public in the dark

By James Arkin

Washington kept grim early estimates of the death and destruction from a nuclear war with Russia secret for more than half a century.

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"… s of land, a larger area than the state of California. A lethal blanket of radiation would cover up to half the nation for weeks. There would be 41 million im …"

Obama curbs nuclear security goals as bomb-building budget grows

By Douglas Birch

The White House rejected a confidential proposal to accelerate work on nuclear security problems despite a missed 2013 deadline.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Obama administration":

"… tegrity, was intended to address the huge amount of unfinished work in the Obama administration’s nonproliferation plan.It said that more than two tons of portable, eas …"

"… bama’s well-deserved reputation as an advocate for nuclear security, the Obama administration has been cutting nuclear security programs year after year for most of its …"

"… cans According to a study by the Center for Nonproliferation Studies, the Obama administration will spend at least $179 billion from 2010 through 2018 to maintain the Un …"

Federal auditors say Obama administration underestimates nuclear weapons costs

By R. Jeffrey Smith

Analysts again say the Defense and Energy Departments have wrongly omitted billions of dollars from their forecasts.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Air Force":

"… ” even though it’s in the department’s plans, the report said. “An Air Force official added that specific estimates for the new bomber were considered …"

Global progress seen in securing nuclear materials

By Douglas Birch

Ranking given to the United States for its security of nuclear materials slips over the past two years.

Excerpts from this story referencing "United States":

"… om 32 to 25, the report said, largely because of a concerted effort by the United States to collect the materials or to assist in their protection or destruction. …"

"… Congress’s failure to do so, said the report’s authors, prevented the United States from receiving a better score. The group, which is headed by former Sen. …"

"… dangers posed by nuclear explosive or “fissile” materials, listed the United States as one of four countries out of 25 with stocks where security had lagged. …"

"… enter for Science and International Affairs. The report was issued as the United States and others prepare for the third international nuclear security summit in …"

Obama administration understated nuclear weapons costs

By R. Jeffrey Smith

An independent report projects a much higher bill for the administration’s weapons programs.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Nuclear weapons":

"… ding during the next 30 years or so could easily approach $1 trillion. “Nuclear weapons aren’t cheap as some high-ranking Pentagon officials have suggested,” …"

A new use for nuclear weapons: hunting rogue asteroids

By Douglas Birch

A persistent campaign by weapons designers to develop a nuclear defense against extraterrestrial rocks slowly wins government support.

Excerpts from this story referencing "United States":

"… . Jay Melosh attended a meeting between nuclear weapons designers from the United States and the former Soviet Union in May 1995, he was surprised by how eagerly t …"

"… helyabinsk region last February. President Barack Obama has committed the United States to seeking a world without nuclear weapons, pushed for joint reductions in …"

Obama’s nuclear targeting revisions create a path to smaller arsenals

By R. Jeffrey Smith

Obama's plan embraces cuts that Moscow remains reticent to endorse.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Vladimir Putin":

"… stration official said. That was one day after Obama and Russian president Vladimir Putin had what several officials describe as a difficult private conversation ab …"

Practice attack on Moscow was anything but routine

By Douglas Birch

Did 1983 U.S.-NATO war game bring the world to the brink of Armageddon?

Excerpts from this story referencing "Europe":

"… revealed: A total of 40,000 U.S. and NATO troops were moved across Western Europe, with 16,044 more U.S.-based troops being airlifted overseas in …"

"… s, and pressed for the deployment of new Pershing II missiles in Europe capable of reaching Moscow in less than ten minutes. Considered in a vacu …"

"… at is, Soviet — arms deliveries to Syria, coupled with unrest in Eastern Europe. Rising tensions and a change in the Soviet leadership triggered an invas …"

Nuclear security bill clears House but Senate prospects unclear

By Global Security Newswire

Nuclear security bill clears House but Senate prospects unclear

Excerpts from this story referencing "U.S. House of Representatives":

"… y Diane Barnes​, courtesy of Global Security Newswire. …"

Obama proposes shifting funds from nuclear nonproliferation to nuclear weapons

By R. Jeffrey Smith and Douglas Birch

Hundreds of millions of dollars proposed in spending on warheads

Excerpts from this story referencing "Vladimir Putin":

"… a potential agreement for such reductions with Russian president Vladimir Putin. …"

Obama administration embraces major new nuclear weapons cut

By R. Jeffrey Smith

Officials back a new targeting plan and a one-third reduction in the U.S. arsenal.

Nukes likely to decline in Obama’s second term

By R. Jeffrey Smith

Talk of an informal agreement with Russia becomes public now that the election is past.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Washington":

"… lso members, as well as 16 others.In a bow to the current fiscal debate in Washington, the report noted that lower agreed limits on the number of nuclear warhea …"

"… rheads to U.S. soil, a weapon system that conceivably could be scrapped if Washington agreed to trim its arsenal, according to the panel.The report did not deta …"

"… associated savings might be. But the Stimson Center, a nonprofit group in Washington, estimated this summer that the United States will spend $352 billion to $ …"

"… ive forces over the next decade.As an alternate idea, the report said that Washington and Moscow could promise to accelerate their compliance with the New START …"

U.S. nuclear targeting unaltered since 2008

By R. Jeffrey Smith

The more things change, the more they stay the same in U.S. planning for nuclear war.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Pentagon":

"… ountability Office have been allowed to get a rough sense from closed-door Pentagon briefings — not from actual documents — of the conditions and manner i …"

Are nuclear weapons contractors’ millions in campaign contributions buying favors?

By R. Jeffrey Smith

A sizable flow of cash and well-connected lobbyists bolster congressional support for the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Northrop Grumman":

"… s made large campaign donations cited in the study — such as Lockheed or Northrop Grumman — because they draw at least 80 percent of their revenue from federal co …"

"… includes a substantial Boeing presence while McKeon’s district includes Northrop Grumman, Boeing, and Lockheed factories, as well as a major Air Force base. Feinst …"

Former U.S. nuclear commander startles with proposal to cut weapons arsenal by 80%

By R. Jeffrey Smith

Squabbling in Washington intensifies as a former nuclear force commander urges 80% reduction in the arsenal.

Excerpts from this story referencing "George H.W. Bush":

"… as also endorsed by Richard Burt, a former arms negotiator under President George H.W. Bush, and by Thomas Pickering, Bush’s ambassador to the United Nations.T …"

Nuclear testers can run but not hide

By R. Jeffrey Smith

An expert scientific panel says that signficant, clandestine explosions are just about impossible.

Excerpts from this story referencing "BP":

"… Williams, a specialist in nanoscience who now oversees scientific work at BP. And while the science of detection has been advancing by leaps and bounds …"

Possible nuclear weapons cuts worry Republican lawmakers

By Aaron Mehta and R. Jeffrey Smith

Future arms agreements threaten profitable line of work for defense contracting giants

Excerpts from this story referencing "Lockheed Martin":

"… est industry players in the nuclear weapons launch business are Boeing and Lockheed Martin, which have each made ballistic missiles and bombers; Northrop Grumman, wh …"

"… rty in particular.Chris Williams, manager of worldwide media relations for Lockheed Martin, said the company — which collects 82 percent of its sales revenue from …"

WMD nonproliferation needs more attention

By The Center for Public Integrity

Inadequate efforts to prevent proliferation of WMD presents serious security risk

Air Force failure to maintain nuclear weapons accountability

By The Center for Public Integrity

Air Force accidentally flies nuclear weapons over U.S. airspace without required special authorization

Excerpts from this story referencing "Louisiana":

"… n from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota to Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana. Air Force personnel at Minot and the flight crew believed these were unar …"

"… ing 36 hours, during which the missiles were flown across the country to a Louisiana air base that had no idea nuclear warheads were coming. It was the first k …"

Eastern Europe to U.S.: Wait, wait, now we want your missiles!

By Nikola Horejs

The controversy over the missile defense system the United States plans to build in Eastern Europe has taken almost a 360-degree turn recent