The 47-year-old nuclear elephant in the room

By Douglas Birch and R. Jeffrey Smith

A growing number of U.S. experts say that feigning ignorance about Israel’s nuclear arsenal creates more trouble than it averts.

Excerpts from this story referencing "U.S. intelligence":

"… of candor has sometimes extended to private government channels. A former U.S. intelligence official said he recalled being flabbergasted in the 1990’s by the absen …"

Briefing the president but keeping the public in the dark

By James Arkin

Washington kept grim early estimates of the death and destruction from a nuclear war with Russia secret for more than half a century.

Excerpts from this story referencing "federal government":

"… s would be killed outright and 60 million would be dead within a year. The federal government, with the exception of the vice president and perhaps one cabinet member, …"

Obama curbs nuclear security goals as bomb-building budget grows

By Douglas Birch

The White House rejected a confidential proposal to accelerate work on nuclear security problems despite a missed 2013 deadline.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Pentagon":

"… spending at the same time. The extra funds would have had to come from the Pentagon’s allotment, in a budget transfer. But the Defense Department opposed t …"

"… o keep the weapons programs moving along, albeit at a slower pace than the Pentagon wanted. And so, during a Cabinet-level meeting to resolve the dispute in …"

Federal auditors say Obama administration underestimates nuclear weapons costs

By R. Jeffrey Smith

Analysts again say the Defense and Energy Departments have wrongly omitted billions of dollars from their forecasts.

Japan reaffirms its plan to produce plutonium

By Douglas Birch and Jake Adelstein

The Abe government’s new energy plan calls for completing the Rokkasho plutonium fuel factory despite U.S. concern it poses terrorism risks

Excerpts from this story referencing "Obama administration":

"… te…the completion of Rokkasho,” the energy plan states. Publicly, the Obama administration has said little about Rokkasho, located on the Pacific Coast about 1,000 m …"

Japan confirms it will return some nuclear explosive materials to U.S.

By Douglas Birch

The amount of plutonium is a small fraction of what the country could soon begin making annually.

Improving security for nuclear explosives remains a diplomatic struggle

By Douglas Birch

A two-day international summit attended by President Obama next week is unlikely to move beyond stopgap measures and vague promises.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Department of Energy":

"… theory to fuel tens of thousands of weapons. Jonathan Wolfsthal, a former Department of Energy official and as a special advisor to Vice President Joe Biden for nuclear …"

Plutonium fever blossoms in Japan

Cronyism, influence-buying and a stifling of dissenting voices have kept the Japanese nuclear industry going strong after Fukushima.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Deputy Energy Secretary":

"… is a decision for the Japanese people, the Japanese government to make,” Deputy Energy Secretary Daniel Poneman said during a July 2012 press conference in Tokyo. He added …"

Japan could be building an irresistible terrorist target, experts say

Japan has balked at U.S. security advice for its nuclear plants.

Japan agrees to return some plutonium

By Douglas Birch

After years of resistance, Japan agrees to return a portion of plutonium to the U.S.

Excerpts from this story referencing "California":

"… med guards with security clearances at the sites in Texas, New Mexico, and California where most of its bomb fuels are stored. With the encouragement of the Un …"

A world awash in a nuclear explosive?

By Douglas Birch and R. Jeffrey Smith

Japan is leading a global move towards dangerous reactors fueled by a nuclear explosive, Thomas Cochran and other experts say.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Nuclear Regulatory Commission":

"… arked the beginning of an eight-year, unsuccessful NRDC campaign to deny a Nuclear Regulatory Commission license to the Clinch River Breeder Reactor, which was being built by a co …"

Nuclear Waste: Cost of South Carolina fuel plant goes up by billions of dollars — again

By R. Jeffrey Smith and Douglas Birch

The MOX plant may cost another $30 billion to complete and operate, and federal officials are newly wary.

Global progress seen in securing nuclear materials

By Douglas Birch

Ranking given to the United States for its security of nuclear materials slips over the past two years.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Kazakhstan":

"… ries — including Argentina, Australia, China, France, India, Japan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the United St …"

Obama administration understated nuclear weapons costs

By R. Jeffrey Smith

An independent report projects a much higher bill for the administration’s weapons programs.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Nuclear weapons":

"… ding during the next 30 years or so could easily approach $1 trillion. “Nuclear weapons aren’t cheap as some high-ranking Pentagon officials have suggested,” …"

A new use for nuclear weapons: hunting rogue asteroids

By Douglas Birch

A persistent campaign by weapons designers to develop a nuclear defense against extraterrestrial rocks slowly wins government support.

Nuclear Waste: How a huge U.S. nonproliferation program became a major proliferation concern

By Douglas Birch and R. Jeffrey Smith

PART ONE OF A SERIES: More than a decade of negotiations with Russia produced a clear winner, and it was not the United States.

Excerpts from this story referencing "nonprofit":

"… tion project now, according to Michelle Cann, senior budget analyst with a nonprofit group called Partnership for Global Security. Its aim is to eliminate 34 …"

"… m, not less? Joan Rohlfing, president of the Nuclear Threat Initiative, a nonprofit group that promotes aggressive action to reduce nuclear explosive risks, s …"

Obama’s nuclear targeting revisions create a path to smaller arsenals

By R. Jeffrey Smith

Obama's plan embraces cuts that Moscow remains reticent to endorse.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Pentagon":

"… ow. …"

"… White House fact sheet summarizing the document states that Obama told the Pentagon and its war planners that nuclear weapons should only be used in “extrem …"

"… dependent arms control advocates, but neither attracted support within the Pentagon. Defense Secretary Hagel, who before his nomination signed a Global Zero …"

"… ng a stable, long-term strategic relationship,” the summary stated. The Pentagon's summary also states that the United States will continue deploying tacti …"

Practice attack on Moscow was anything but routine

By Douglas Birch

Did 1983 U.S.-NATO war game bring the world to the brink of Armageddon?

Excerpts from this story referencing "Moscow":

"… An ailing, 69-year-old Yuri Andropov was running the Soviet Union from his Moscow hospital bed in 1983 as the United States and its NATO allies conducted a …"

"… oyment of new Pershing II missiles in Europe capable of reaching Moscow in less than ten minutes. Considered in a vacuum, Able Archer 83, in whic …"

"… find proof that the U.S. was planning a “decapitating” strike against Moscow with its nuclear forces. (The Russian acronym derives from Raketno-Yaderno …"

"… ything like that. What the h—l have they got that anyone would want.” Moscow’s reaction to the November 1983 war games is not well documented, partly …"

Nuclear security bill clears House but Senate prospects unclear

By Global Security Newswire

Nuclear security bill clears House but Senate prospects unclear

Excerpts from this story referencing "Iowa":

"… ements, but, Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) said he wanted them included, and an anonymous hold prevented a Senate vo …"

Obama proposes shifting funds from nuclear nonproliferation to nuclear weapons

By R. Jeffrey Smith and Douglas Birch

Hundreds of millions of dollars proposed in spending on warheads

Excerpts from this story referencing "president":

"… “have been mismanaged for the last five to six years.” Joan Rohlfing, president of the Nuclear Threat Initiative, a nonprofit arms control group founded b …"

"… o discuss a potential agreement for such reductions with Russian president Vladimir Putin. …"

Obama administration embraces major new nuclear weapons cut

By R. Jeffrey Smith

Officials back a new targeting plan and a one-third reduction in the U.S. arsenal.

Excerpts from this story referencing "White House":

"… oscow this month with acting undersecretary of state Rose Gottemoeller and White House national security adviser Thomas Donilon. Obama “believes that there’s …"

"… h Russia,” deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes said on Jan. 31. White House spokesman Tommy Vietor declined comment on Feb. 6 on the draft directive. …"

Nukes likely to decline in Obama’s second term

By R. Jeffrey Smith

Talk of an informal agreement with Russia becomes public now that the election is past.

Excerpts from this story referencing "nonprofit":

"… crapped or what the associated savings might be. But the Stimson Center, a nonprofit group in Washington, estimated this summer that the United States will spe …"

Hospitals failing to secure dirty bomb materials

By Aaron Mehta

Hospitals are failing to secure potential dirty bomb materials, says GAO

U.S. nuclear targeting unaltered since 2008

By R. Jeffrey Smith

The more things change, the more they stay the same in U.S. planning for nuclear war.

Excerpts from this story referencing "White House":

"… int Chiefs of Staff until last year and knows the details of the war plans.White House officials say President Obama has been reviewing new recommendations for p …"

"… e forces was written by President George W. Bush in 2002.The last time the White House instructions were translated by the Secretary of Defense into a document w …"

"… vance of the election, according to two former officials familiar with the White House discussions. …"

U.S. arms control official: Test ban treaty faces 'uphill' fight in Senate

By Zach Toombs

U.S. arms control official predicts 'uphill' fight.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Obama administration":

"… ooperation from nuclear states such as Pakistan, India and North Korea. …"

"… nbsp;with nuclear arms or advanced nuclear programs. Gottemoeller said the Obama administration still has no specific timetable for pushing the treaty through the Senate. …"

Are nuclear weapons contractors’ millions in campaign contributions buying favors?

By R. Jeffrey Smith

A sizable flow of cash and well-connected lobbyists bolster congressional support for the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Stimson Center":

"… ion a year on its arsenal, according to a tally released on Tuesday by the Stimson Center, a nonprofit research and policy analysis group in Washington. It has also …"

Former U.S. nuclear commander startles with proposal to cut weapons arsenal by 80%

By R. Jeffrey Smith

Squabbling in Washington intensifies as a former nuclear force commander urges 80% reduction in the arsenal.

Excerpts from this story referencing "China":

"… not be used against targets in adversarial countries other than Russia and China without first overflying Russian and Chinese territory. (Even hitting Chin …"

"… stry (136 warheads). Moscow alone would be covered by eighty (80) warheads.China: WMD (85 warheads including 2-on-1 strikes against every missile silo), le …"

Nuclear testers can run but not hide

By R. Jeffrey Smith

An expert scientific panel says that signficant, clandestine explosions are just about impossible.

Possible nuclear weapons cuts worry Republican lawmakers

By Aaron Mehta and R. Jeffrey Smith

Future arms agreements threaten profitable line of work for defense contracting giants

Excerpts from this story referencing "Boeing":

"… e four biggest industry players in the nuclear weapons launch business are Boeing and Lockheed Martin, which have each made ballistic missiles and bombers; …"

"… is close to a number of defense contractors, including the headquarters of Boeing’s defense arm.In response to questions about their political giving, Mar …"

"… voice heard on issues that are important to our future.”A spokesman for Boeing did not return requests for comment. …"

FACT CHECK: GOP candidates throw out false facts on Iran

By FactCheck.Org

Paul undermines nuclear threat, Santorum stretches legitimacy of Iranian election

Excerpts from this story referencing "Mahmoud Ahmadinejad":

"… aiming Obama “basically” said the 2009 reelection of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was “a legitimate one.” Actually, Obama said he could not “state def …"

"… "Iran’s presidential election was June 12, 2009, and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declared victory — triggering protests in Tehran. On …"