U.S. now faces threat of U.S.-made weapons in Iraq

By Douglas Birch

Islamic State fighters seize U.S. military equipment in Iraq, become targets for U.S. warplanes.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Barack Obama":

"… d dispatching more than 1,000 troops there as military advisers, President Barack Obama has sent U.S. forces back to a conflict that many Americans wanted to forg …"

Finding the truth in 935 lies about war with Iraq

By Bill Buzenberg

New book from Center's founder discusses the orchestrated deception that led to war in Iraq, and what it means for the future of truth.

Invasion of Iraq, 10 years later

A look back at the Center's coverage of the path to invasion and the cost of war.

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"… March 19, 2003 — ten years ago — U.S. warplanes bombed a site in Baghdad that military officials believed was the hideout of Iraqi leader Saddam Hu …"

Waste, fraud and abuse commonplace in Iraq reconstruction effort

By R. Jeffrey Smith

$60-billion pipe dream for creation of a Western-style economy

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"… northern Iraq during the 2003 conflict there, officials in Washington and Baghdad made its postwar reconstruction a top priority. But instead of spending tw …"

"… elped cut the national infant-mortality rate by nearly three-quarters. The Baghdad rail station was repaired on time and under budget. And telecommunications …"

"… U.S. occupation. It was the Pentagon that opened a contracting office in Baghdad that Bowen said was chronically understaffed — despite Defense’s …"

U.S. military admits major war mistakes

By R. Jeffrey Smith

An internal report prepared by the Joint Staff describes failures of leadership and planning in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

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"… the decade, “strategic leadership repeatedly failed,” and as a result, U.S. military training, policies, doctrine and equipment were ill-suited to the tasks th …"

"… nflict. When completed, “it will be used by senior leaders” to develop U.S. military forces for the future, according to Navy Lt. Cmdr. Cindy Fields, a Joint S …"

"… r who read author Thomas Ricks’ seminal, bestselling 2006 account of the U.S. military’s early failings in Iraq, bluntly titled “Fiasco.” An internal Army …"

"… nor resourced to accept these responsibilities,” the chronicle explains.U.S. military forces were also not equipped “to combat adaptive insurgencies” in bot …"

Articles we find interesting

By R. Jeffrey Smith

National Security articles we find interesting

Windfalls of War: A decade of keeping government spending accountable

By Sandy Johnson

Tracking the cost of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, $1 trillion and up

Excerpts from this story referencing "weapons systems":

"… etition among defense contractors can drive down the cost of expensive new weapons systems, to the benefit of taxpayers. The Pentagon's competed contracts fell to 55 …"

State Department will inherit reconstruction duties in Iraq when troops leave

By Laurel Adams

IG questions whether State Department is ready to take over many reconstruction tasks in Iraq

Leaked report details failure to get armored vehicles to Marines in Iraq

By Nick Schwellenbach

The report featured in USA Today. When Marines in Iraq urgently asked for armored vehicles particularly resistant to improvised explosive d

Military failure to secure Iraq after invasion

By The Center for Public Integrity

Plans and troop numbers to secure post-Saddam Iraq were inadequate

Excerpts from this story referencing "Cheney":

"… not be an occupying force. Just days before the war began, Vice President Cheney said, “My belief is we will, in fact, be greeted as liberators.”Follow …"

190,000 missing weapons in Iraq

By The Center for Public Integrity

Lack of central records system for weapons distributed in Iraq means that missing weapons may be in the hands of insurgents

Inadequate planning for post-invasion Iraq

By The Center for Public Integrity

The blame for Iraq's rise in violence lays with several federal agencies who failed to work together to plan for the future of Iraq

Excerpts from this story referencing "Iraqi military":

"… d by Ambassador L. Paul Bremer, which issued two orders that disbanded the Iraqi military and gutted the Iraqi government by banning members of the Ba'ath Party. Cr …"


By The Center for Public Integrity

A look inside the Center's reporting process for Iraq: The War Card

Excerpts from this story referencing "chemical":

"… on, possible possession, or efforts to obtain weapons of mass destruction (chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons). In addition, any use of the verb "disarm …"

Baghdad bonanza

By Bill Buzenberg

The top 100 private defense contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan from 2004-2006

Excerpts from this story referencing "Government Accountability Office":

"… at we are still not making enough progress on," said Walker, who heads the Government Accountability Office. "I mean, this stuff isn't rocket science."While KBR earns the top spot am …"