Smoke, odors and drifting foam in Fort Worth suburb stir frustration over fracking

By Jamie Smith Hopkins

Some residents of the Fort Worth suburb of Mansfield are arguing for stricter local regulation of hydraulically fractured wells.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Mansfield":

"… re protective of people,” said Tamera Bounds, a 33-year resident of Mansfield who’s active in the regulation push. Her city sits atop the Ba …"

"… nett, leaving it up to towns and cities to decide if that’s sufficient. Mansfield has a 600-foot buffer between well sites and residential property lines, t …"

"… les in the cities of Fort Worth and Arlington to the north. Bounds’ Mansfield Gas Well Awareness group wants to take a cue from two other Barnett c …"

"… rols on existing wells less than 1,500 feet from sites such as homes. The Mansfield City Council held a work session last week to hear those residents’ conc …"

As drilling ravages Texas’ Eagle Ford Shale, residents 'living in a Petri dish’

By Jim Morris, Lisa Song and David Hasemyer

In partnership with InsideClimate News and The Weather Channel, Center examines oil industry exploitation of Texas’ Eagle Ford Shale.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Barnett Shale":

"… as more permanent monitors, provided to the wealthier, more suburban Barnett Shale region near Dallas-Fort Worth. Texas officials tasked with overseei …"

"… he Eagle Ford, all positioned far from the most heavily drilled areas. The Barnett Shale in North Texas, by contrast, has 35 permanent monitors, even though that f …"

"… inst God because he gave us this land to take care of.” Lessons from the Barnett Shale Texas regulators and politicians had a clear idea of the problems that wo …"

"… wells had been drilled within the city of Fort Worth, which lies atop the Barnett Shale formation, and six times that many were drilled in nearby communities. Tan …"