Policing the politicians; state ethics commissions lack muscle

By Caitlin Ginley

Underfunded, politically crippled commissions frequently do little more than slap wrists

Excerpts from this story referencing "general counsel":

"… olving door statute to allow the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission’s general counsel to join Duke Energy, soon after he made several rulings at IURC that would …"

Lobbying laws in the states

By Neil Gordon

A round-up of lobbying laws that have recently been enacted or changed

Excerpts from this story referencing "Oklahoma Ethics Commission":

"… period for legislators and other elected state officials. That month, the Oklahoma Ethics Commission considered raising the amount that a lobbyist can spend in a year on any s …"

Watchdogs on short leashes

By Kenneth Vogel and Leah Rush

For most legislatures, ethics enforcement is an in-house affair; for the rest, agencies that oversee them are kept on a short leash

Excerpts from this story referencing "commissioner":

"… y of state, the attorney general and the state controller each appoint one commissioner.Above politicsBut most directors of ethics commission with members appoint …"

"… aker of the house, and senate president pro tem. "I don't think any of the commissioners base their decisions on who appointed them," Sloan said, citing as proof …"


By The Center for Public Integrity

A snapshot of ethics practices in Oklahoma