PMA lobbyist pleads guilty

By Aaron Mehta

Paul Magliocchetti, a former lobbyist and key figure in the Center for Public Integrity’s The Murtha Method investigation, pled guilty on Fr

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"… d for the House defense appropriations subcommittee. Later, as head of the PMA Group lobbying firm, he represented seven defense contractors which received mor …"

"… presented by ex-congressional office or committee staffers working for the PMA Group. When asked about the four former staffers who have registered as lobbyist …"

Earmarks lobbyist indicted for illegal campaign contribution scheme

By Nick Schwellenbach

A master pay-to-play defense lobbyist in the center of a controversial web of Capitol Hill relationships highlighted by the Center for Publi

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"… ittee. Murtha became its chairman the same year, in 1989.Magliocchetti’s lawyer did not immediately return a call for comment.The 11-count indictment issu …"

House ethics office asks for DoJ probe of earmarks

By Nick Schwellenbach

The House Office of Congressional Ethics has asked the Justice Department to probe the relationship between campaign contributions and earma

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"… ed on evidence the ethics office collected while examining the now-defunct PMA Group.The evidence will not be made public, despite requests to do so from Rep. …"

House ethics panel clears 'Murtha Method' representatives

By Nick Schwellenbach

The House ethics committee ended its investigation of the last two defense appropriators remaining in its crosshairs, according to a report

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"… ort did identify “troubling” behavior by the now-defunct lobbying firm PMA Group that was at the center of the panel’s probe.“PMA employed ‘strong-ar …"

Ethics investigation continues for two 'Murtha Method' Congressmen

By Nick Schwellenbach

The House ethics committee has announced it is extending a review of two Congressmen that were among the subjects of "The Murtha Method," an

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"… marks they made on behalf of clients of the now-defunct lobbying firm, the PMA Group. Both Visclosky and Tiahrt are members of the House Defense Appropriations …"

Leaked document reveals six “Murtha Method” Reps. under investigation

By Nick Schwellenbach

Seven members of a powerful subcommittee that was the subject of a recent Center investigation are now being scrutinized by the House ethics

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"… er items of value from PMA’s PAC in exchange for an official act.” The PMA Group, a now-defunct lobbying firm, was headed former House Appropriations Defen …"

"… closed that the House ethics committee was examining the activities of the PMA Group.In a statement released yesterday, ethics committee chair Zoe Lofgren (D-C …"

A ‘Murtha Method’ encore

By Nick Schwellenbach

A review of the 2010 defense appropriations process reveals that most members of a key House of Representatives panel continue to engage in

Excerpts from this story referencing "critic":

"… ks that he sponsored.A spokesman for Arizona Republican Rep. Jeff Flake, a critic of earmarks, said Flake hopes that as a result of the PMA investigation, t …"

"… year, the resilience of earmarks involving these circles of relationships, critics say, is a testament to the benefits gained for the many parties involved: …"

PMA Group ‘excel’s at access to Murtha, document shows

By Nick Schwellenbach

It’s the end of an era for Paul Magliocchetti and his lobbying shop, the PMA Group. After 20 years of existence, the firm is closing down ne

Excerpts from this story referencing "PMA Group":

"… It’s the end of an era for Paul Magliocchetti and his lobbying shop, the PMA Group. After 20 years of existence, the firm is closing down next week in the wa …"

"… obtained by PaperTrail appears to show the degree of coziness between the PMA Group and the House defense appropriations subcommittee — it seems that PMA’ …"

"… r file’s history — say the document was created by “ken” of “The PMA Group” on July 23, 2007, though that does not necessarily imply that PMA engin …"

"… fore most people in Congress had it?”Patrick Dorton, a spokesman for the PMA Group and Magliocchetti, said the document was not proof that PMA had unusual ac …"

The Pentagon's stealth rainmaker

By Alex Knott

How revolving doors and large donations allow a defense lobbying firm to dominate

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"… gn contributions and clients that receive most of their contracts from the Pentagon without competition, only one defense lobbying firm can claim to give its …"

"… parent companies, who collectively won $266 billion in contracts from the Pentagon during the last six years. That amounts to almost 30 percent of the dollar …"

"… unt for 47 percent of all such non-competitive contracts handed out by the Pentagon since 1998.Lobby firms like PMA have become a staple of political influenc …"

"… $1.4 billion on in-house lobbying.PMA's has cultivated a closeness to the Pentagon and to Washington power brokers. PMA's lobbyists routinely make large dona …"

The Murtha Method

By The Center for Public Integrity

For months, a cloud has swirled around Congressman John Murtha (D-Pa.), chairman of the powerful House Appropriations Defense Subcommittee,

Excerpts from this story referencing "PMA Group":

"… d the relationship that Murtha and other subcommittee members had with the PMA Group, a lobbying firm filled with former subcommittee aides.Murtha and fellow p …"

"… egal. The House ethics committee is also looking at the situation, and the PMA Group closed following an FBI raid late last year.Now, a computer analysis by th …"

"… ut never technically worked for him: Paul Magliocchetti of the now defunct PMA Group Inc. (PMA stood for Paul Magliocchetti Associates). Magliocchetti represen …"

"… e involved in similar circles with former staffers who later worked at the PMA Group.Visclosky, an Indiana Democrat in his 13th term in the House, is a former …"

Tracking lobbying giant PMA’s former clients

By Nick Schwellenbach

To say that Washington is a town built on relationships is an understatement. A recent example: In the wake of the embattled lobbying firm P

Excerpts from this story referencing "National Journal":

"… Rich Kaelin, Brian Morgan, Joseph Spata and Thomas Veltri. According to a National Journal story in February, “Two sources say that some clients have received comm …"

"… est for comment. However, Patrick Dorton, a spokesperson for PMA, told the National Journal, "It seems like clients are making their transition decisions based on the …"