Hospitals request government help in curbing possible billing abuses

By Fred Schulte

Federal help sought to create billing guidelines and oversee electronic medical records

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"… ent, wrote in a letter dated Nov. 12. The letter was sent to Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and Attorney General Eric H …"

IMPACT: Administration official asks for Medicare billing review

By Fred Schulte

Administration official wants to know if electronic health records are causing Medicare over-billing

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"… 0 billion in 2011, has emerged as a presidential campaign issue, with both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney promising to tame its spending growth while protecting sen …"

Growth of electronic medical records eases path to inflated bills

By Fred Schulte

Billing software helps medical professionals document higher fees.

Report says a quarter of hospitalized Medicare patients got improper treatment

By Alexandra Duszak

Report says a quarter of hospitalized Medicare beneficiaries suffered 'adverse events'

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"… cording to a month-long survey conducted as part of a recent Department of Health and Human Services inspector general’s report.The Oct. 2008 survey of 81 …"

"… ultiple inspector general’s reports on adverse events, the Department of Health and Human Services instituted its Partnership for Patients  in April …"

Panel recommends new agency to investigate safety of health information technology

By Kimberly Leonard

Institute of Medicine panel recommends new regulatory body, not FDA

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"… ,” said Ross Koppel, adjunct professor of sociology at the University of Pennsylvania and its School of Medicine, and investigator for RAND Corporation. He is l …"

Health information technology: Keep it simple

By Kimberly Leonard

Reports say systems must be understandable to avoid dangerous medical errors

Health information technology: Incentives may not always serve intended purpose

By Josh Israel and Kimberly Leonard

Some payments may be going to doctors who have been using electronic health records for years

Push for safety oversight of electronic medical records is moving at a crawl

By Emma Schwartz

Nearly two years after the Obama administration announced plans to spend $40 billion to help doctors and hospitals adopt electronic medical

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"… afety concerns, the administration appears content to let the Institute of Medicine (IOM), which it has contracted to study the topic, chart a path through th …"

"… gital health records that it would ultimately save.It was the Institute of Medicine that first pushed the idea of using electronic health records 10 years ago …"

"… e need to push rapidly forward with a new technology that the Institute of Medicine and other authorities have highlighted as critical to many, many healthcar …"

"… Innovations in Quality Patient Care at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. “There is still a lot of basic knowledge we don’t have.”But those e …"

FDA, Obama digital medical records team at odds over safety oversight

By Fred Schulte and Emma Schwartz

Previously undisclosed hospital mixup underscores challenges on road to reform

Amid digital records surge, a lack of policing by the FDA

By Emma Schwartz and Fred Schulte

Government offers incentives to buy electronic devices it doesn't track for safety

As doctors shift to electronic health systems, signs of harm emerge

By Fred Schulte and Emma Schwartz

Reports link system malfunctions to injuries, deaths

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"… avid Classen, an informatics professor at the University of Utah School of Medicine.Classen points to his recent research testing CPOE systems  at 6 …"

Effort to track medical safety issues faces long road ahead

By Fred Schulte and Emma Schwartz

Panel seeks centralized data on hazards related to digital systems

FDA asks hospitals to report safety glitches in digital health systems

By Fred Schulte and Emma Schwartz

In letter to 350 health centers, agency signals growing concern

Experts: Safety oversight needed as patient records go digital

By Fred Schulte and Emma Schwartz

With digital transition approaching for many practices, safety and security issues continue to surface

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"…  U.S. Sen. Charles E. Grassley of Iowa, the ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, also has raised concerns about the safety of digital medical systems. He …"

FDA considers regulating safety of electronic health systems

By Fred Schulte and Emma Schwartz

Reports of patient harm include six deaths in two years

Switch to electronic records getting mixed reviews at hospitals and clinics

By Fred Schulte

Scattered reports of software glitches that caused risk to patients

Government orders Columbia to tell patients 'true nature' of drug study

By Jeanne Lenzer and Shannon Brownlee

Officials say research may have caused harm to people who had heart surgery

The story behind fatal care

By Bill Birnbauer

MELBOURNE, Australia, August 1, 2000 — Our high noon began on an ordinary morning at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal. As the

Excerpts from this story referencing "Health":

"… luential Health care provider, the $640 million-a-year Inner & Eastern Health Care Network. They had gathered to fight the release of documents which, i …"

"… ged a Freedom of Information request for similar information and the state Health Department provided me outside of the FoI process – with death rates for …"

"… ups were upset when the key findings were tabled in Parliament by the then Health Minister, Dr Carmen Lawrence, in June, 1995 – months before they were du …"

"… issue.The reaction to our FOI requestAt the time, the Inner & Eastern Health Care Network had both power and influence. Its hospitals included the Alfr …"