Big oil wields ultra deep influence

By Laura Peterson

Legislators push for energy industry tax breaks, regulatory changes to hunt for oil at the bottom of the sea

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"… to the legislation, which was later incorporated in the 2003 comprehensive energy bill as a program that would allocate more than $2 billion for research in …"

"… ve to go after valuable hydrocarbons itself. Now, as Congress places a new energy bill atop its list of priorities for the upcoming session, Gulf-state legi …"

"… ff the skeptics and again promoting the program as beneficial for American energy independence, not to mention hometown jobs.Dry LandOpinions may differ on …"

"… er which oil production will begin its inevitable decline. Yet the world's energy needs will be almost 60 percent higher at that time, according to the IEA. …"

FACT CHECK: Bogus oil claims by Crossroads GPS

By FactCheck.Org

Nonprofit group Crossroads GPS gets Obama administration energy policy facts wrong

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"… on of petroleum from shale formations such as the Bakken in North Dakota and Montana, or Eagle Ford in Texas.Environmental regulations ha …"

Fact Watch: Playing politics with gasoline prices; both parties make questionable claims

By FactCheck.Org

Democrats and Republicans both demagogue the gasoline price issue

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"… little or no effect on gasoline prices.Senate Democratic leaders asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate oil refiners for limiting supply "to keep prices artificial …"

"… d the bill to repeal the tax breaks, Senate Democrats sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission accusing refineries of reducing production to drive up prices, and asking …"

K Street lobbyists carry water for OPEC

By Kevin Bogardus

Disclosure filings indicate massive spending on lobbying by oil-rich countries

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"… oundation—connected to the infamous Ahmed Chalabi—and even the Kurdish Democratic Party have hired their own K-Street advocates. Unlike their lucrative work for o …"

Did taxpayers lose on deal for oil field?

By Josey Ballenger, Nathaniel Heller and Knut Royce

WASHINGTON, October 27, 2000 — "For the last eight years, I have had the challenge of running the streamlining program called 'Reinventing

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"… wed that such investments could have produced even higher earnings for the U.S. government.While the Reagan administration first broached the idea of privatizing the …"