How politics derailed EPA science on arsenic, endangering public health

By David Heath

A ban on arsenic-containing pesticides was lifted after a lawmaker disrupted a scientific assessment by the EPA.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Luxembourg":

"… ompanies are Drexel Chemical Co. of Memphis, Tennessee, and Luxembourg-Pamol, whose parent, Luxembourg Industries, is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. …"

"… l Co. of Memphis, Tennessee, and Luxembourg-Pamol, whose parent, Luxembourg Industries, is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Both are family-owned. Luxembour …"

"… uxembourg Industries, is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Both are family-owned. Luxembourg-Pamol doesn’t release sales figures; Drexel Chemical says its sales exce …"

"… anies countered with a unique argument. Michal Eldan, a vice president at Luxembourg-Pamol, said her company had the scientific literature scoured and found 30 …"

Long-awaited EPA pesticide protections a 'mixed bag' for farmworkers

By Ronnie Greene

After more than two decades, the EPA revised rules to protect farmworkers from pesticides, but advocates say they don't go far enough.

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"… to have the courage to ask for that information,” said Jeannie Economos, Pesticide Safety and Environmental Health Project coordinator for the Farmworker Ass …"

New urgency targets mysterious kidney disease in Central America

By Sasha Chavkin

In El Salvador, health ministries formally recognize a kidney disease killing laborers — and vow deeper scrutiny of its causes.

Excerpts from this story referencing "India":

"… rkers along Central America’s Pacific Coast, as well as in Sri Lanka and India. Scientists have yet to definitively uncover the cause of the malady, alth …"

"… researchers battling parallel epidemics in Central America, Sri Lanka and India failed to compare results, Sri Lanka sent an official delegation to El Sal …"

Farmworkers plagued by pesticides, red tape

By Ronnie Greene

Pesticides endanger farmworkers, but thin layers of government protect them and no one knows the full scope of the perils in the fields.

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"… y denies any wrongdoing or retaliation.In Florida in late 2009, farmworker Jovita Alfau, working in an open-air plant nursery in a rural swath of south Miami-Dade …"

Low doses of some chemicals tied to health effects

By Marla Cone

Scientists see links to infertility, heart disease and other disorders from exposure to small amounts of hormone-altering chemicals

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"… ficant by many." They seemed to aim much of their findings at the National Toxicology Program and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The FDA in 2008 discoun …"

"… w will more closely examine studies showing low-dose effects. The National Toxicology Program in 2008 found that BPA poses “some risks” to human health but …"

"… to humans," Kamrin, a toxicologist, wrote in the International Journal of Toxicology in 2007.But vom Saal and other scientists have said that tests that do not …"

State officials ignored scientists in approving pesticide

By Amy Standen

Calif. pesticides manufacturer finds warnings from scientists too 'excessive' to be credible

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"… ne of the documents, Mary-Ann Warmerdam, who led the state's Department of Pesticide Regulation until this year, weighs a recommendation from her staff that fa …"

"… level of exposure was," said Susan Kegley, a consulting scientist for the Pesticide Action Network, a group suing the state.Department spokeswoman Lea Brooks …"

"… o ban the chemical.As part of the suit, the groups asked the Department of Pesticide Regulation to release documents explaining how the agency decided to appro …"

"… d on the peer-review panel, says the documents show that the Department of Pesticide Regulation has no way of knowing whether methyl iodide is safe."DPR has no …"

Multiple safety failures identified in chemical explosion

By Jim Morris

A new report on a 2008 explosion at a West Virginia pesticide factory offers a chilling account that raises questions about safeguards at th

EPA cracks down on flea, tick labels in wake of Center probe

By M.B. Pell and Jim Morris

The Environmental Protection Agency is ordering clearer labels for all “spot-on” flea and tick treatments applied directly to dogs’ and cats

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"… wed.Steve Owens, EPA assistant administrator for the Office of Prevention, Pesticides and Toxic Substances, said the number of reported incidents connected wit …"

New EPA scrutiny for Atrazine reflected in Center’s database complaints

By M.B. Pell and Jim Morris

After years of fielding complaints about the ubiquitous weed-killer and water pollutant atrazine, the Environmental Protection Agency has de

Excerpts from this story referencing "chemical":

"… Last week, an EPA advisory panel began assessing the latest science on the chemical, frequently found in surface waters and groundwater, and two more meetings …"

"… which found a correlation between birth defects and elevated levels of agrichemicals, including atrazine, in surface waters.Steve Owens, assistant administrat …"

"… move by the Food and Drug Administration to reassess bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical used in hard plastic bottles and metal food and beverage cans since the 19 …"

"… ed industry actions to stop producing baby bottles and cups containing the chemical.cpikftagFollow the Center on Twitter and Facebook. …"

EPA increases scrutiny of flea and tick treatments

By M.B. Pell

The Environmental Protection Agency stirred some excitement last month when it announced plans to begin “intensifying” the evaluation of spo

Europe’s new pesticide regulations leave America in the dust

By Jillian Olsen

The European Parliament’s environment committee voted last week in favor of new pesticide regulations that make America’s laws look a little

Excerpts from this story referencing "Pesticide":

"… es, and 32 percent of fungicides, according to estimates from the U.K.’s Pesticide Safety Directorate. The committee vote serves as a recommendation to the w …"

"… ould likely not hold up under the new European standards, according to the Pesticide Safety Directorate analysis. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency esti …"

Think twice before setting off a bug bomb

By M.B. Pell

Before setting off a neurotoxic bug bomb in your house, you might want to try a couple of less extreme measures first: maybe clean up a litt

EPA’s hormonal ups and downs

By Jillian Olsen

Warning: the following contains an actual example of environmental advocates agreeing with the chemical industry. Both sides say that the En

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"… have on hormones surfaced from both sides at last week’s meeting of the Pesticide Program Dialogue Committee, a panel of manufacturers, scientists, and regu …"

World wide web of pesticides can endanger consumers

By Jillian Olsen

Termites? No problem. On, $64.99 buys a 20-ounce bottle of Termidor SC. That’s enough for anyone with a credit card

Excerpts from this story referencing "Pesticide":

"… ting consumers, said Brian Rowe, Pesticide section manager at Michigan’s Pesticide and Plant Pest Management Division. Vendors and customers are now linked b …"

"… Jim Wright, regulatory supervisor at the Clemson University Department of Pesticide Regulation, which enforces South Carolina’s Pesticide regulations. “We …"

"… and ant killer Tengard SFR, said Susan Kegley, a senior scientist for the Pesticide Action Network of North America and CEO of the Pesticide Research Institut …"

"… scientist for the Pesticide Action Network of North America and CEO of the Pesticide Research Institute. Because some products sold online like Tengard SFR are …"