How oil and gas firms gained influence and transformed North Dakota

By Nicholas Kusnetz

Industry has transformed the state, but at what cost?

Excerpts from this story referencing "attorney general":

"… ssfully to have a grand jury examine the case). The other members are the attorney general, currently Stenehjem, and the state’s agriculture commissioner, Republic …"

As drilling ravages Texas’ Eagle Ford Shale, residents 'living in a Petri dish’

By Jim Morris, Lisa Song and David Hasemyer

In partnership with InsideClimate News and The Weather Channel, Center examines oil industry exploitation of Texas’ Eagle Ford Shale.

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"… little success. Last March, Wilma Subra, an environmental consultant from Louisiana, and Sharon Wilson of the advocacy group Earthworks, accompanied Calvin Ti …"

Oil industry trade group takes to D.C. airwaves

By Michael Beckel

Ad campaign by American Petroleum Institute targets D.C. media market, records show.

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"… l 2016.     …"

"… rograms. The two advertisements on Fox News Sunday alone set the American Petroleum Institute back $10,000 a piece. The ads hit as lawmakers on Capitol Hill& …"

"… udget deal, but budgetary fights remain in Congress' future. The American Petroleum Institute is the main trade organization of the oil and natural gas indust …"

Export push reframes debate over fracking

By Alexandra Duszak

Energy indepedence for the U.S. no longer at issue — exports would help industry's bottom line.

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"… cutive director of the Pennsylvania-based Environmental advocacy group PennEnvironment. Masur estimates that approximately 6,000 wells have been drilled in Penn …"

"… Commission (FERC) to build a facility. FERC in turn works closely with the Environmental Protection Agency, the Coast Guard, the Department of Transportation and …"

BP engulfed in lawsuit over 40-day Texas flare

By Kristen Lombardi

Two weeks before the Deepwater Horizon explosion, BP was involved in another major pollution case in Texas.

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"… f 2010, the Texas refinery belched massive amounts of pollutants — toxic chemicals including benzene, toluene and hydrogen sulfide — from a towering flare …"

"… symptoms classically associated with exposure to benzene and other toxic chemicals that have been released by BP,” the suit alleges. Symptoms range from he …"

"… ationed throughout Texas City detected elevated levels of benzene or other chemicals.“We do not believe that any negative health impacts resulted from flarin …"

"… e refinery had pumped out at least 513,795 pounds of more than 20 distinct chemicals — including 17,372 pounds of benzene, 37,520 pounds of nitrogen oxides, …"

EPA slaps BP but punishes the Pentagon

By R. Jeffrey Smith

Temporary contracting ban may force the military to disentangle itself from its favorite fuel supplier

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"… chronically violating U.S. law?” former EPA attorney Jeanne Pascal told The Washington Post in 2010. “You have to look at the overall behavior pattern,” said Pasc …"

Detroit refinery expansion adds more Canadian crude, brings more worries

By Jim Morris and Chris Hamby

A conflict in Detroit symbolizes a larger national debate over oil company plans to step up refining of heavier, dirtier crude from Alberta.

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"… resa Landrum, a community leader and cancer survivor, said of the airborne chemicals that pour from industry in or near 48217 — including volatile organic co …"

"… ogen — and hydrogen sulfide near the refinery. In one case, more than 20 chemicals, including benzene, were detected in a resident’s basement. An EPA inves …"

"… o conduct what’s known as open-path air monitoring. Instead of measuring chemicals within “three inches of air” and possibly missing large releases, Lars …"

FACT CHECK: Bogus oil claims by Crossroads GPS

By FactCheck.Org

Nonprofit group Crossroads GPS gets Obama administration energy policy facts wrong

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"… ing with Nebraska officials but expects to submit a new application to the White House this year. It expects to get approval in the first quarter of 2013, and pl …"

FACT CHECK: More U.S. drilling didn't drop gas prices

By The Associated Press

AP looked at 36 years of gas prices, and found no reliable connection to level of domestic drilling

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"… say.Politicians — especially those in the party that's not occupying the White House — have long harped on high gas prices when expedient. Then-Sen. Barack O …"

FACT CHECK: Obama, GOP spin recent energy stats

By The Associated Press

GOP rendition of U.S. energy production isn't in line with the facts

Excerpts from this story referencing "oil spill":

"… placed a moratorium on new deep-water exploratory drilling after the Gulf oil spill, will show a decline in 2011 and this year before rebounding later.In the …"

"… tional parks, later reinstating 17 of them.Then weeks before the 2010 Gulf oil spill, Obama said he would consider expanding drilling off the Virginia coast an …"

West Africa oil boom overlooks tattered environmental safety net

By Christiane Badgley

Industry regulation and disaster plans missing as Ghana ramps up production

Excerpts from this story referencing "spokesman":

"… ct self-monitoring in the region and to whom they report.David Eglinton, a spokesman for ExxonMobil, promised a response. He has yet to give one.Dead whalesIn …"

Keystone XL pipeline rejection a setback for Canadian tar sands development

By Corbin Hiar

Keystone XL pipeline rejection won't stop the development of Canada's carbon-rich fuel

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"… Keystone should have been built,” said Sarah Emerson, president of Energy Security Analysis, Inc., an Energy forecasting firm. Environmentalists&nb …"

"… s an election year,” said Jacob Correll, a commodities analyst at Summit Energy, a consulting firm. “There’s still money to be made.”   …"

FACT CHECK: GOP’s phantom job losses

By FactCheck.Org

Looking to smear Obama, Republicans effectively triple job loss stats

Excerpts from this story referencing "Energy":

"… st 504,000 jobs, citing a study commissioned by the Western Energy Alliance — a trade association representing oil and natural gas interest …"

"… t by 2020, including all existing jobs.The Blueprint for Western Energy Prosperity, July 8: The number of direct, indirect and induced jobs in the …"

"… ture jobs predicted in the report.Jon Haubert, a spokesman for the Western Energy Alliance, agreed that the group’s report did not provide support for the …"

"… s website.A final point: The headline on the Republican report is “Obama Energy Policies Cost Jobs,” giving the impression that the numbers are estimate …"

Keystone pipeline fight: Wall Street is watching

By Corbin Hiar

White House approval of oil sands pipeline could spur investments in dirtier fossil fuels and worsen global warming

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"… American jobs while reducing U.S. dependence on foreign oil. The American Petroleum Institute, the oil industry’s lobbying arm, argues that the environment …"

Federal fracking response could be years away

By Evan Bush

In safety demo, Halliburton worker swigs fracking fluid - a sign of industry assurance. Little stands in way of natural gas extraction boom.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Washington":

"… ns ploy than a fix, the industry expects little meaningful resistance from Washington. For all the furor over fracking, opponents’ best hopes for action appea …"

"… cheered when the Forest Service in May proposed banning fracking in George Washington National Forest, in Western Virginia, but Joel Holtrop, deputy chief of th …"

"… san foreign policy think tank, anticipates little movement on the issue in Washington. “We're very unlikely to see a situation where regulators can do an …"

Fishing and the offshore oil industry: A delicate imbalance

By Christiane Badgley

Fishing and the offshore oil industry in Ghana

Excerpts from this story referencing "Africa":

"… .In December 2010, Ghana, a nation of 24 million people, became the latest African nation to join the petroleum club. Its Jubilee field, approximately 60 km …"

"… rnalist and documentary producer who has been following oil development in Africa. This article was produced in cooperation with the Pulitzer Center on Cris …"

Interior Department still struggling to collect oil and gas revenues in aftermath of Gulf spill

By Laurel Adams

GAO: Interior is struggling to incorporate changes with existing roles

Fact Watch: Playing politics with gasoline prices; both parties make questionable claims

By FactCheck.Org

Democrats and Republicans both demagogue the gasoline price issue

Excerpts from this story referencing "Barack Obama":

"… "market factors," not collusion, to be the cause of price spikes.President Barack Obama in a weekly address said policies already adopted by the administration "c …"

"… duct (gasoline) prices.However, CRS said two months earlier that President Barack Obama's 2012 proposed budget – which would impose higher taxes on the industry …"

Fact Check: Permitting some fudging on oil stats

By Margaret L. Ryan

Obama official defends slow drilling record with selective use of data

Excerpts from this story referencing "Obama administration":

"… tor of offshore drilling tried to suggest to the Senate this week that the Obama administration has been issuing permits almost as quickly as before the BP-Macondo well e …"

"… through 2008, shows that it granted permits at three times the rate of the Obama administration, lending some credence to the contention of Louisiana Democrat Sen. Mary L …"

"… favorably with the average of eight permits a month in 2009 – before the Obama administration halted all permits in the wake of the Macondo disaster.The industry respon …"

"… th for the last of 2008 and continued at between 7 and 8 monthly until the Obama administration put a controversial moratorium on the deepwater permits after the Deepwate …"

Do you live near an oil refinery? Tell us your experience

Do you live near an oil refinery?

$163 million spent on oil pollution research — with no coordination

By Laurel Adams

Interagency committee to coordinate oil pollution research - didn't

BP's Iris Cross starred in two disaster PR campaigns

By Aaron Mehta

Before oil spills ads, BP's Iris Cross drew jury tampering accusations in earlier disaster

Excerpts from this story referencing "supervisor":

"… ters were signed by Iris Cross while others were signed by Neil Geary, her supervisor.The one page letter sought to address “reports in the media about what h …"

Oil spill cleanup fund is running out of money

By Laurel Adams

Oil spill damages fund, with a $1 billion cap, is nearly tapped out

One year after tragedy, agency urges oil refineries to invest in safety

By Chris Hamby

Year after tragedy, government pleads for prevention

Excerpts from this story referencing "Center for Public Integrity":

"… o concerns raised by regulators, unions and safety specialists in a recent Center for Public Integrity investigation, which found that many of the nation’s refineries are plag …"

Regulatory flaws, repeated violations put oil refinery workers at risk

By Jim Morris, Chris Hamby and M.B. Pell

The nation’s refineries are plagued by equipment failures and sometimes-fatal accidents that in many cases could have been prevented.

Excerpts from this story referencing "U.S. Chemical Safety Board":

"… em with the refinery industry,” said Rafael Moure-Eraso, chairman of the U.S. Chemical Safety Board, an independent government agency whose investigations of refinery acciden …"

"… refinery, which killed 15 workers and injured at least 180 others. Credit: U.S. Chemical Safety BoardSafety rules are on the books, but enforcement, if it happens at all, frequ …"

BP spill report underscores government complacency

By Aaron Mehta

A presidentially-appointed commission today called for major changes in offshore oil drilling and described the Deepwater Horizon spill as “

After oil spill cleanup, mystery surrounds oil remaining in Gulf

By Laurel Adams

More than eight months after the Deepwater Horizon spill, researchers are still unable to paint an accurate picture on the amount of oil tha

National Academy releases interim report on Deepwater Horizon

By Aaron Mehta

The National Academy of Engineering and the National Research Council have just released preliminary findings on what caused the explosion a

Re-named offshore energy agency urged to publish production data

By Linsey Isaacs

The scandal-wracked Minerals Management Services changed its name to Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement (BOEMRE)

Excerpts from this story referencing "inspector":

"… stration after a stunning series of reports by the Interior Department’s inspector general in late 2008 detailed corruption and wrongdoing. The watchdog said …"

"… nth, a team of senior Interior Department officials and the department’s inspector general recommended steps for stricter permitting, inspections, and enforc …"

What’s the cost of fixing BP’s image?

By Aaron Mehta

BP tripled its spending on corporate advertising after its devastating crude oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico in April, paying more than $93.4

Excerpts from this story referencing "Tampa":

"… ormation at the suggestion of fellow Democrat Kathy Castor, who represents Tampa on Florida’s Gulf Coast. In July, Castor criticized BP for what she desc …"