West Africa oil boom overlooks tattered environmental safety net

By Christiane Badgley

Industry regulation and disaster plans missing as Ghana ramps up production

Fishing and the offshore oil industry: A delicate imbalance

By Christiane Badgley

Fishing and the offshore oil industry in Ghana

Excerpts from this story referencing "oil activities":

"… ng zones, more tanker traffic and increased environmental risk. Monitoring oil activities remains particularly difficult; the government has no monitoring fleet, al …"

Fact Check: Permitting some fudging on oil stats

By Margaret L. Ryan

Obama official defends slow drilling record with selective use of data

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"… gument on the number of permits issued in 2009, when the recession-plagued oil industry asked for the fewest permits in five years.But 2004 was the last year the …"

"… drilling permits at the 2009 rate of around eight a month. In between, the oil industry went through four years of boom before busting with the rest of the econom …"

National Academy releases interim report on Deepwater Horizon

By Aaron Mehta

The National Academy of Engineering and the National Research Council have just released preliminary findings on what caused the explosion a

Haphazard firefighting might have sunk BP oil rig

By Aaron Mehta and John Solomon

The Coast Guard has gathered evidence it failed to follow its own firefighting policy during the Deepwater Horizon disaster and is investiga

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"… Deepwater Horizon. In this video, Robb testified in New Orleans about the U.S. Coast Guard’s firefighting efforts aboard the rig. Video courtesy ABC News.Kevin Rob …"

Coast Guard logs reveal early spill estimate of 8,000 barrels a day

By John Solomon and Aaron Mehta

Coast Guard officials grasped the potential threat of a catastrophic spill within hours of the explosion on board the Deepwater Horizon dril

Excerpts from this story referencing "Exxon":

"… sident was warned by his top aides that a major spill larger than the 1989 Exxon Valdez might be coming, according to the documents and interviews.The logs …"

"… he President this event could eclipse the amount of oil spilled during the Exxon Valdez.The logs were provided to the Center by Rep. Darrell Issa of Califo …"

Big oil wields ultra deep influence

By Laura Peterson

Legislators push for energy industry tax breaks, regulatory changes to hunt for oil at the bottom of the sea