California bypasses feds, presses ahead on regulation of toxic chemicals

By Ronnie Greene

The state formally adopts new rules that go well beyond the flimsy federal protection net weakened by decades of D.C. delay.

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"… e of this product,” Palmer said. …"

"… the country, allows the state to publish a list of potentially threatening chemicals — and then, by next April, target up to five priority products containin …"

"… n California will have to launch detailed assessments to see whether safer chemicals are available and, if so, alter their products. The goal: To remove toxic …"

"… are available and, if so, alter their products. The goal: To remove toxic chemicals from commerce and prompt industry to provide safe alternatives. “We’r …"

In new battleground over toxic reform, American Chemistry Council targets the states

By Ronnie Greene

The fight between industry and activists over regulation of toxic chemicals has shifted from Washington, D.C., to state venues.

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"… to smother toxics reform bills filed in states fed up with logjams at the Environmental Protection Agency. Connecticut is just one snapshot of a larger picture …"

"… rk,” said Steve Lester, science director for the Center for Health, Environment & Justice, a nonprofit headquartered in Falls Church, Va., and founded …"

"… dding of an ACC lobbyist. In Maine, the commissioner of the Department of Environmental Protection, Patricia Aho, was an ACC lobbyist before taking office in 20 …"

"… ildren's Products Are Free of Cadmium An Act To Provide the Department of Environmental Protection with Regulatory Flexibility Regarding the Listing of Priority …"

Lautenberg chemical bill drawing skepticism

By Sam Pearson

A much-heralded bill to reform chemical safety is stirring concern among some state officials and environmental groups.

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"… leaves too many gaps in protecting the public,” Daniel Rosenberg, a senior attorney with the group, said in a statement May 24. Rosenberg said it lacks statut …"

From homemaker to hell-raiser in Love Canal

By Ronnie Greene

In 1978, Lois Gibbs was a mom with sick kids. Her fight prompted a president to free 900 families -- and paved the way for U.S. buyouts.

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"… to shake the community. In 1980, the EPA issued a study showing that the chemicals in question could trigger genetic damage for future generations. In other …"

EPA hopes disclosure leads to greenhouse gas reductions

By Chris Hamby

The EPA hopes releasing new data will help reduce emissions of substances contributing to climate change

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"… try has participated in this in a positive way.” …"

EPA's Toxics Release Inventory doesn't offer full picture of pollution

By Corbin Hiar

Agency database shows emissions are down overall, but self-reporting makes the data suspect

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"… lax Clean Air Act enforcement.In Tonawanda, N.Y., a small town outside of Buffalo, citizens used buckets and hand-held vacuums to test the air after dozens …"

Q&A: Former Bush official touts ‘market-based’ air toxics regulation

By Corbin Hiar

Q&A with the man some call "the next EPA administrator" if Romney wins the White House.

GOP assault on regulations could undermine air pollution protections

By Chris Hamby

House Republicans are expected to approve a bill that would allow Congress to block major regulations.

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"… k assigned by Congress in the 1990 amendments to the Clean Air Act — the Environmental Protection Agency has been “grossly delinquent,” a federal judge wrote in 2006.Some of t …"

Few criminal cases target big air polluters

By Chris Hamby and Ronnie Greene

Prosecution level at its lowest among environmental cases

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"… Burnett said.In 2008, for example, the Office of Inspector General for the Tennessee Valley Authority, a federally owned electric utility, documented a history …"

"… false material statements after investigators said a company manager at a Tennessee plant created false logs detailing how the company was operating air pollu …"

"… on for a Clean Air Act violation: faking vehicle emissions test results.In Tennessee, Heraeus’ precious-metal reclamation facility stands within two miles of …"

"… than a mile from a state park,” said Sandra Goss, executive director of Tennessee Citizens for Wilderness Planning. “They have all this delightful, beauti …"

Many Americans left behind in the quest for cleaner air

By Jim Morris, Chris Hamby and Elizabeth Lucas

Secret government 'watch list' reveals failure to curb dangerous emissions

Excerpts from this story referencing "spokesman":

"… e who did respond seemed puzzled by their plants’ inclusion. Bill Day, a spokesman for Valero Energy Corp., which had seven sites on the September list, wrot …"

"… orking on them and pursuing a remedy to the concern,” said Brad Frost, a spokesman for the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. Illinois had 37 faciliti …"

"… fender. While the EPA’s own documents describe the list that way, agency spokesman Larry Jackson said in an email that facilities may appear on the list for …"

"… s of pollution from the air and water every year.” In the past 12 years, spokesman Jackson said, the EPA has reached court settlements with — or taken admi …"


By Elizabeth Lucas, Robert Benincasa and David Donald

About the data collection and analysis for the Poisoned Places project

Excerpts from this story referencing "U.S. Environmental Protection Agency":

"… sis of four datasets relating to sources of air pollution regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: the Clean Air Act watch list, the Air Facility System (AFS), the Toxics R …"

Judge rejects Exxon attempt to end lawsuit over refinery pollution

By iWatch News

Court boosts environmental advocates seeking stronger enforcement

EPA agrees to reveal secret identities of potentially risky chemicals

By Chris Hamby

EPA reveals identities of potentially risky chemicals

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"… submitted to the EPA detailing potential effects of toxic chemicals.A 2009 Government Accountability Office report found that about 95 percent of the notices co …"

DuPont penalized for hiding chemical health risks — again

By Kristen Lombardi

When the Environmental Protection Agency settled on Dec. 6 a major enforcement action against DuPont Co., for failing to report possible hea

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"… ont,” said Abraham, “will only encourage future violations.” …"

EPA releases toxics data early in spirit of transparency

By Elizabeth Lucas

In response to citizen requests, the Environmental Protection Agency posted its preliminary 2009 Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) data at the e

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"… You can also message us on Twitter or discuss the project on our Facebook page. We’re eager to hear what you turn up — full credit and links wil …"

EPA limits chemical accident data citing security concerns

By Chris Hamby

It has been 20 years since Congress included provisions in the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments to inform citizens of risks from factories usin

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"… s but aren’t allowed to make copies.Brian Turnbaugh, a policy analyst at advocacy group OMB Watch, said the current system doesn’t hide anything from terr …"

Big increases in mercury and other toxic releases

By Marianne Lavelle

Almost 4.1 billion pounds of toxic chemicals were released to the environment in the United States in 2007, according to new data from the E

Excerpts from this story referencing "Environmental Protection Agency":

"… e environment in the United States in 2007, according to new data from the Environmental Protection Agency’s Toxics Release Inventory. That’s a five percent overall drop from th …"

EPA deprives public of information on toxics

By The Center for Public Integrity

Requirements for reporting to toxic emissions are loosened despite the tracking program's success