Secretive groups spend millions to influence state elections

By Reity O'Brien

Nonprofits hit TV airwaves with attacks on state-level candidates, gaining traction since the U.S. Supreme Court 'Citizens United' decision.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Ohio":

"… conservative group based in Iowa, aired ads in attorneys general races in Ohio, Iowa and Kansas in 2010 and returned to spend more than $360,000 to boost …"

The beautification of Thad Cochran

By Dave Levinthal

Senator's supporters suddenly turn cheery in final bid to save Mississippi mainstay's job.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Chris McDaniel":

"… g the three weeks since June 4, when Cochran and tea party-backed opponent Chris McDaniel advanced to Mississippi's GOP primary runoff, super PACs and nonprofits ha …"

Supreme Court opens door to flood of political cash — again

By Michael Beckel

Citing First Amendment concerns, 5-4 Supreme Court majority tosses out aggregate limits on campaign contributions.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission":

"… nor can financially support. The decision is the most important since the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission case in 2010, which allowed for unlimited corporate and union spending in …"

IRS sets its sights on political 'dark money'

By Michael Beckel

The Internal Revenue Service is proposing new rules that could curb the ability of social welfare nonprofits to influence elections.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Ohio":

"… told the FEC it spent $1.36 million on ads urging viewers in Virginia and Ohio to "stand with coal" and "vote no on Obama's failing energy policy." Yet …"

Booker burying Lonegan in super PAC cash dash

By Dave Levinthal

Democratic U.S. Senate hopeful has derided outside money but is greatly benefiting from it.

Excerpts from this story referencing "primary":

"… at we're stronger than this challenge." Upon winning his Democratic party primary, Booker warned of "increased hostile spending from right-wing super PACs." …"

"… he first announced his candidacy in June, with the bulk coming during the primary election that he easily won, according to a Center for Public Integrity an …"

"… assing. All of its pro-Booker spending occurred prior to Booker's Aug. 13 primary. The group did not return several requests for comment. Another super PAC …"

"… e more than $34,000 in pro-Booker independent expenditures, all during his primary race. The group, which did not return requests for comment, has promised t …"

Booker supports e-filing in theory, not in practice

By Michael Beckel

Cory Booker supports an e-filing requirement for campaign finance reports, but he still opts for paper.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Steve Lonegan":

"… as he heads into an Oct. 16 general election contest with Republican rival Steve Lonegan. Unlike candidates for the presidency or U.S. House of Representatives, S …"

Super PACs swarming New Jersey special election

By Adam Wollner

Front-runner Cory Booker gets boosted — and bashed — by outside groups.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Steve Lonegan":

"… also entered the race. On the Republican side, former Bogota, N.J., Mayor Steve Lonegan and physician Alieta Eck are running. The Pallone campaign has repeatedly …"

Drug lobby gave $750,000 to pro-Hatch nonprofit in Utah's U.S. Senate race

By Michael Beckel

IRS records show drug lobby helped Utah senator, others.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Congress":

"… ntributions from the pharmaceutical industry than any other member of Congress in the 2011-2012 election cycle, some $448,000, according to the Center fo …"

Obscure nonprofit threatens campaign finance limits beyond Montana

By Paul Abowd

Obscure nonprofit threatens campaign finance limits beyond Montana

Excerpts from this story referencing "Koch":

"… ions with national tea party groups funded by the conservative billionaire Koch brothers.This election, ATP has vowed to keep Attorney General Steve Bullo …"

"… for wind power and natural gas-fueled vehicles. The letters were signed by Koch-funded groups including Americans for Prosperity and tea party boosters Fr …"

"… the American Tradition Institute, which works in tandem with a network of Koch-funded think tanks  to oppose wind energy and dispute the reality of …"

"… e energy usage and targeted climate scientists in academia.The libertarian Koch brothers, Charles and David, have become better known in recent years with …"

Daily Disclosure: It's labor versus tea party in PA House race

By Rachael Marcus

Unions pumping money into redrawn House district in Pennsylvania.

Texas Senate race attracts $13 million in super PAC spending

By Alexandra Duszak and Reity O'Brien

Texas Senate race features battle of the super PACs, tea party underdog versus favorite.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Texas":

"… ontributed to this report. …"

"… other independent groups, according to Federal Election Commission records.Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst has raised nearly $30 million for the race against …"

"… aign. Dewhurst, however, has benefited from $6 million in support from two Texas super PACs, one of which is backed by heavyweight Texas donor Bob Perry an …"

"… n support from two Texas super PACs, one of which is backed by heavyweight Texas donor Bob Perry and billionaire Harold Simmons.That’s far less than his …"

Nonprofit profile: Americans for Prosperity

By Paul Abowd

Quick stats on Americans for Prosperity, supporting conservatives

Excerpts from this story referencing "Americans for Prosperity":

"… ate science.”The 501(c)(4) shares resources, office space and staff with Americans for Prosperity Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization — whose chairman as of 2 …"

"… ces of roughly 75 percent of the groups’ 2010 budget remain a mystery.”Americans for Prosperity, launched a bus tour, sent in field staff and spent $3 million on issue ad …"

"… spending does not show up in filings with the Federal Election Commission.Americans for Prosperity in August announced a $25 million campaign targeting Obama. Several w …"

"… their election or defeat.According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Americans for Prosperity reported to the FEC spending roughly $40 million on political ads in 2012 …"

Ethics champion Mike Rose loses big in South Carolina

By Corey Hutchins

Sen. Mike Rose had proposed reforms based on State Integrity Investigation.

Super PACs play major role in California House contests

By Michael Beckel

Golden State's jungle primary creates intra-party contests this November.

Romney, GOP seek $50,000 for joint fundraising committee

By Peter H. Stone

Now that Mitt Romney has cinched the nomination, he joins forces with RNC, state parties to raise big bucks.

Illinois Democrat gets eleventh hour boost from family-funded super PAC

By Michael Beckel

Family, friends fund super PAC supporting Raja Krishnamoorthi ahead of Tuesday's primary election

IG: No special favors for Illinois bank owned by Senate hopeful’s family

By Julie Vorman

Politics did not delay federal bank regulators’ closing of Broadway Bank in Chicago, an institution owned by the family of Alexi Giannoulias

Organizational donors

By Neil Gordon

Profiles of the top organizational donors in 2003 and 2004

Kerry almost doubles Bush's recount funds

By The Center for Public Integrity

Primary campaign funds give Kerry the edge

Silent Partners: Special Report

By Derek Willis and Aron Pilhofer

How political non-profits work the system

Bloomberg super PAC targets Jackson's former seat

By Dave Levinthal

Illinois special congressional election attracting millions in spending by super PACs.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Bloomberg":

"… ;million through Tuesday — has been spent by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's anti-gun super PAC Independence USA PAC, according to Federal Election C …"

"… nson dropped out and endorsed Kelly. Halvorson, who has accused Bloomberg of attempting to buy the election, had spent $34,560 as of Feb. 6, her mos …"