Breaking the rules

By Steve Weinburg

Who suffers when a prosecutor is cited for misconduct?

Excerpts from this story referencing "Prosecutorial misconduct":

"… utor who has more than one reversal to her credit belongs to a select club.Prosecutorial misconduct falls into several categories, including:Courtroom misconduct (making inap …"

A poisoned prosecution

By Brooke Williams

Misconduct in sexual abuse cases damages reputations—and can ruin lives

Anatomy of misconduct

By Steve Weinburg

There's much to learn when a trial goes terribly wrong

Excerpts from this story referencing "telephone last fall":

"… ike this:"When veteran jailhouse informant Leslie Vernon White picked up a telephone last fall and showed authorities how easily he could fake the confession of another …"

A question of integrity

By Steve Weinburg

Prosecutors dispute the significance of 'prosecutorial misconduct'

A short history of exposing misconduct

By Steve Weinburg

An unlikely cast of characters has shone a spotlight on bad prosecutors, and on occasion, sparked reform

Methodology, The Team for Harmful Error

How the Center compiled data for the Harmful Error articles