How to fix the IRS nonprofit division

By Julie Patel

Employees, reformers offer three recommendations for improving the agency's flagging nonprofit division.

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"… ddress highlights the need for a new regulatory agency for nonprofits. …"

IRS employees back Obama, Democrats

By Michael Beckel

IRS employees routinely open wallets for Democratic candidates and liberal groups.

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"… Section 501(c)(4) of the U.S. tax code have flourished in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision in 2010, which …"

FACT CHECK: Social Security scare tactics

By FactCheck.Org

Both campaigns make misleading claims about potential changes to Social Security

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"… posted a chart with the headline, “The Romney-Ryan plan: Raise Taxes on Middle-Class Seniors.” The chart purports to show how much more in …"

"… enefits by 58 percent. That comes from an analysis by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center of “a revenue-neutral individual income Tax change th …"

"… , hasn’t said which Tax exclusions he would eliminate or reduce. So, the Tax Policy Center made some assumptions. Its analysis listed the partial exclu …"

"… president’s speech in Florida: “Biden Has Repeatedly Voted For Higher Taxes On Social Security Benefits,” with a link to the RNC website  …"

FACT CHECK: Obama’s ‘Boss’ Baloney

By FactCheck.Org

The Obama campaign is up with a "badly misleading

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"… ng $2,300 to the Obama campaign in 2008, $1,500 to former Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean’s “Democracy for America” committee and $1,250 to a coup …"

FACT CHECK: Truth about tax rate talking points

By FactCheck.Org

Despite common talking points, tax rates were actually at a 30-year low in 2008-2009 period.

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"… f its invaluable series on “Distribution of Household Income and Federal Taxes,” this time covering 2008 and 2009. The CBO’s statistical series now …"

ALEC faces new challenge to tax-exempt status

By John Dunbar

A group of clergy is challenging the tax status of the American Legislative Exchange Council.

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"… ate Paul Weyrich, a pioneering conservative activist and co-founder of the Heritage Foundation. Based in Washington, D.C., the group says its mission is to advance “fr …"

Nonprofit profile: Ending Spending

By Rachael Marcus

Quick stats on the nonprofit group, supporting fiscal conservatives

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"… iving.Profile:Ricketts founded the nonprofit in 2010 as "Taxpayers Against Earmarks," but when Congress officially banned Earmarks a few months later, the gr …"

FACT CHECK: Elizabeth Warren attacks GE's controversial tax practices

By FactCheck.Org

Massachusetts Senate candidate makes sweeping, inaccurate statement about corporate tax loopholes.

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"… ory in the New York Times headlined “GE’s Strategies Let It Avoid Taxes Altogether.” It was part of a 2012 Pulitzer Prize-winning series title …"

FACT CHECK: Warren Buffett's tax rate is an exception, not a rule

By FactCheck.Org

Most high-earning tax payers actually do pay a higher rate than the middle-class.

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"… ddle of the income range in fiscal year 2015, according to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center.The president and vice president have given a series of spee …"

"… uation that — making over a million dollars do the same exact thing."The Tax Policy Center did an analysis of the Paying a Fair Share Ac …"

"… percent — earning between $39,862 and $69,074 in 2011, according to the Tax Policy Center’s analysis.Under current law (which assumes the Bush Tax c …"

"… ssumes the Bush Tax cuts expire as scheduled at the end of this year), the Tax Policy Center estimates the Buffett Rule would raise Taxes for 116,000 hou …"

DOD has a hand out on April 17

By Aaron Mehta

And where did you think your tax money was going?

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"… ebsite from the federal government, now you can!The White House “Federal Taxpayer Receipt” calculator, released Wednesday, asks you to put in how muc …"

Senate committee finds most 'trapped' offshore income is already in U.S.

By John Aloysius Farrell

Senate committee finds most 'trapped' offshore income from Google, Microsoft already in U.S.

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"… e foreign earnings are not trapped or locked offshore at all,” said Sen. Carl Levin, the Democrat from Michigan who chairs the subcommittee. “About half of …"

FACT CHECK: GOP candidates misstate taxes and federal government pay

By FactCheck.Org

Republican debate featured mistakes on how many people pay taxes and how much they spend on tax prep

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"… bout two-thirds of that group are workers who will pay Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes, for one thing. The rest are nearly all either elderly, poor …"

FACT CHECK: Rick Perry’s dubious tax promise

By FactCheck.Org

Texas Gov. and presidential contender's flat tax plan isn't quite flat for lower-income taxpayers

How candidates' tax plans would affect one struggling family

By Amy Biegelsen and John Aloysius Farrell

Republican presidential candidates' ambitious tax plans don't help working class

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"… re already hurting by eliminating our safety nets like Social Security and Medicare. To me, that is just plain crazy and heartless.” …"

Wealthy corporations with a trillion dollars stashed offshore lobby for a 'holiday' from U.S. taxes

By John Aloysius Farrell and Aaron Mehta

Wealthy corporations are lobbying for a tax holiday for a trillion dollars stashed offshore

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"… ical office and no full-time employees. Eli Lilly used Switzerland and the British Virgin Islands. Oracle employed an Irish subsidiary. Many firms used the “repatriated …"

How an Obama fundraiser turned Oklahoma into a personal tax haven

By Bill Allison

How George Kaiser turned Oklahoma into his personal tax haven

Excerpts from this story referencing "Warren Buffett":

"… ations received has been $325 million per year. In 2007, when billionaire Warren Buffett first began advocating for raising taxes on the wealthiest, Forbes asked K …"

Top fisheries official says EU is investigating illegalities by Spanish companies

By Kate Willson

Top EU fishing official responds to allegations of misappropriated funds by ICIJ

FACT CHECK: Ad on billionaire's statement misses the facts

By FactCheck.Org

Tax burden is actually more equal than liberal advocacy group portrays in video campaign

Subsidy methodology

A look behind ICIJ's reporting on their second installment in overfishing coverage

FACT CHECK: Obamas' tax rate not lower than the average teacher's

By FactCheck.Org

From every angle, the Obamas' tax rate was substantially higher than that of a teacher or firefighter

FACT CHECK: Twists and turns on the U.S. debt ceiling

By FactCheck.Org and Scott Blackburn

Senate GOP leader, senior House Democrat misstate debt ceiling facts

Excerpts from this story referencing "Mitch McConnell":

"… made misstatements about the debt ceiling debate and Social Security.Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., was incorrect when he claimed that "nobody is talking about not ra …"

FACT CHECK: Obama's mis-Tweets

By Lori Robertson and FactCheck.Org

President dives into social media - and misses on electric cars and taxes

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"… rcent by 2015, according to the Washington Post and Politifact. Not a Tax Cut for EveryoneObama also boasted that the payroll Tax cut passed in Dece …"

"… a good deal for the working poor – those earning less than $20,000. The Tax Policy Center explained that the payroll Tax deal meant the end of 2009's …"

IRS in the dark about number of tax shelters and avoidance schemes

By Laurel Adams

IRS says 1 million tax returns sought to evade taxes in some way

GAO says at least 3,700 stimulus recipients are delinquent on taxes

By Laurel Adams

Stimulus recipients who got $24 billion owe $750 million in taxes

IRS isn't catching fraudulent and excessive home energy credits

By Laurel Adams

IRS can't verify $6.8 billion in energy tax credits claimed by home owners

Bankers, consumer groups clash over IRS plan to crack down on foreign tax cheats

By Michael Hudson

US banks say they shouldn't have to report foreign deposits

Excerpts from this story referencing "Carl Levin":

"… suse the information, she said. Speaking at the hearing on behalf of Sen. Carl Levin, a Michigan Democrat who has spent years investigating offshore tax havens …" struggles to track its expenses while managing $500 billion in grants

By Laurel Adams, created to streamline bureaucracy for grants, is failing

IRS could save millions through e-filing

By Laurel Adams

Electronic filing of tax returns could save the Internal Revenue Service millions of dollars. The IRS currently spends $3.29 to process each

Excerpts from this story referencing "Inspector General":

"… by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), various federal Offices of Inspector General (OIG), and other government entities. MISC.A Bureau of Land Management man …"

"… cts of interest laws, but the report did not reveal the final ruling. (DOI Inspector General) …"

Improper EITC payments top $11 billion

By Laurel Adams

A quarter of earned income tax credit payments are improper, amounting to $11 billion to $13 billion in 2009, the Internal Revenue Service r

Excerpts from this story referencing "Inspector General":

"… by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), various federal Offices of Inspector General (OIG), and other government entities.FINANCEThe international tax system u …"

"… ntelligence System and the information system for intelligence personnel. (Inspector General DHS) …"

Tax credits for alternative-fuel vehicles went to prisoners, IRS employees

By Laurel Adams

The IRS allowed $33 million in erroneous tax credits for alternative-fuel motor vehicles last year. A review by the Treasury inspector gene

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"… by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), various federal Offices of Inspector General (OIG), and other government entities.NATIONAL SECURITYA review of …"