Corporate subsidy deals don’t always deliver

By Julie Patel

Popular business incentive programs can help politicians win favor with voters and companies.

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"… offset by some cut to another public priority or higher taxes," he said. Subsidies are popular with politicians because they can help them get elected in two …"

FACT CHECK: GPS's bogus tax attack against Obama

By FactCheck.Org

A new Crossroads GPS ad makes a completely unfounded claim on President Obama's tax plans.

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"… in this ad and will address them at a later time in a separate posting.– Brooks Jackson …"

FACT CHECK: Elizabeth Warren attacks GE's controversial tax practices

By FactCheck.Org

Massachusetts Senate candidate makes sweeping, inaccurate statement about corporate tax loopholes.

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"… ory in the New York Times headlined “GE’s Strategies Let It Avoid Taxes Altogether.” It was part of a 2012 Pulitzer Prize-winning series title …"

Top fisheries official says EU is investigating illegalities by Spanish companies

By Kate Willson

Top EU fishing official responds to allegations of misappropriated funds by ICIJ

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"… st and the BBC. …"

Subsidy methodology

A look behind ICIJ's reporting on their second installment in overfishing coverage

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"… m the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Spain’s central government, and autonomous communities (regions) within …"

"… and open records issues. For EU funding under the Financial Instrument for Fisheries Guidance (FIFG) for 2000-2006, ICIJ relied on raw data provided by the Dir …"

"… EU member states. For the remaining EU funding under FIFG and the European Fisheries Fund (EFF) for the years 2007-2010, ICIJ relied on data provided by the Sp …"

"… d on data provided by the Spanish Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries. To uncover additional subsidies provided to companies by regional governm …"

FACT CHECK: Biden bungles talking point on debt

By FactCheck.Org

On his trip to China, Biden quells investors by claiming U.S. owns more of overall debt than it actually does

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"… ."– Eugene Kiely …"

FACT CHECK: Does the United States "look a lot like Greece?"

By FactCheck.Org

Republican Sen. McConnell wrong in likening U.S. debt to Greek financial crisis

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"… eficit of more than $15 trillion, not $15 billion. …"

Five federal programs lead list of improper grant payments

By Laurel Adams

As federal spending on grants to state and local governments rises, so does fraud struggles to track its expenses while managing $500 billion in grants

By Laurel Adams, created to streamline bureaucracy for grants, is failing

Taxpayers foot bill for oil and gas well cleanup on federal land

By Laurel Adams

Oil and gas companies producing on federal land are required to pay a bond to the Bureau of Land Management, which serves as an incentive fo

From Social Security to tourism, government shutdown would affect public

By Laurel Adams

A government shutdown looks increasingly likely as Democrats and Republicans fail to reach an agreement on the federal budget. A report by t

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"… by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), various federal Offices of Inspector General (OIG), and other government entities.HEALTH CAREBlue Cross Blue Shield of …"

"… y fragile, dependent children to inappropriately shift costs to Medicaid. (Inspector General HHS) …"

Homeland Security marked by waste, lack of oversight

By G.W. Schulz

Records show that communities across California had difficulty managing millions in anti-terrorism grants handed out by Congress after Sept.

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"… Francisco managed to produce a letter from California’s former homeland security chief, George Vinson, that authorized the large expenditure. Records show the $3 …"