Reporter's toolkit: Investigating sexual assault on your campus

By Kristen Lombardi

How to investigate the ways your school deals with sexual assault allegations.

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"… assault policies at their schools: Sexual assault activist groups on and off campus: SAFER (Students Active for Ending R …"

Flurry of new legislation targets sexual assault on campus

By Kristen Lombardi

New legislation follows landmark Center series

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"… latest action on a variety of fronts to curb what everyone from President Barack Obama to Vice President Joe Biden to Education Secretary Arne Duncan has called …"

New scrutiny on campus sexual violence highlights Center findings

By Gordon Witkin

New efforts are aimed at both assisting schools and putting pressure on them to assist victims of sexual violence.

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"… weak.  …"

White House group releases recommendations on fighting campus sexual assault

By Kristen Lombardi

White House task force issues recommendations to combat vexing problem.

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"… sexual violence on college campuses. The interagency group, which includes Education secretary Arne Duncan and attorney general Eric Holder, among other senior …"

"… will also give students information to help them file complaints with the Education and Justice departments, among other resources. Justice officials will de …"

"… administrators who investigate and adjudicate sexual assault cases; their Education counterparts will prepare similar materials to train campus health center …"

Obama moves to address campus sex assault issues raised by Center series

By Kristen Lombardi

President creates task force to help protect students from sexual violence

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"… ouse Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault. Consisting of the Education and Justice Department secretaries, among other administration officials, …"

One-fifth of female veterans from Iraq, Afghanistan show signs of sexual trauma

By Caitlin Cruz and Asha Anchan

News21 investigation reveals that the VA is struggling to deal with female vets who have been sexually assaulted.

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"… tan has screened positive for military sexual trauma (MST) once back home, Department of Veterans Affairs records show. And this may understate the crisis, experts say, because thi …"

Washington fury over military sexual assaults hits the Pentagon

By Richard H.P. Sia and Douglas Birch

President Obama calls for punishing, firing or discharging those involved.

New sexual assault trouble in the Air Force

By Richard H.P. Sia

An officer responsible for stopping AF sexual assaults is accused of that offense

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"… with allegations of misconduct at its Lackland training headquarters near San Antonio, Texas. Instructors were found to have sexually harassed, improperly touch …"

Report details lives ruined for children put on sex-offender registries

By Susan Ferriss

Human Rights Watch investigates how minors, even for innocuous offenses, can end up on sex-offender registries for life.

Students from two colleges file federal complaints related to sexual assault

Students from two colleges file federal complaints related to sexual assault.

Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act headed for President's signature

By Kristen Lombardi

Measure takes on issues raised by Center probe

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"… l assault. The legislation will also codify some crucial components of the Education Department’s first-ever federal guidance on how schools must respond to …"

"… enefit from guidance on best practices from the departments of Justice and Education, while the public will benefit from the disclosure of incidents of sexual …"

"… ent and former students at the University of North Carolina have urged the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights to investigate the university. The …"

Notre Dame case highlights complexities of campus sexual assault investigations

By Kristen Lombardi

Notre Dame case illustrates continuing struggles

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"… remain among the thorniest for colleges and universities. Even so, lawyer Brett Sokolow, who advises college administrators, says he believes they have improved t …"

Justice Department launches probe into sexual assault at the University of Montana

By Gordon Witkin

Inquiry will look at handling of sexual assault cases at University of Montana.

FACT CHECK: Biden inflates Michigan crime figures

By FactCheck.Org

On a U.S. tour promoting the American Jobs Act, Biden bungles a few statistics on crime, sexual assualt

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"… ers last year — double, not triple, the 32 murders that occurred in 2008.Rapes Haven’t ‘Quadrupled’The vice president has been touring the country …"

GAO says Pentagon IG is still adrift on investigating sexual assaults

By Evan Bush

GAO says the Pentagon isn't making progress on its sexual assault responsibility

Reed College still struggling with campus sexual assault policies

By Lee van der Voo

Reed College, an elite Oregon school, is struggling to put the the debate over campus sexual assault policies to rest

IMPACT: Official calls mishandling of sexual assault cases 'staggering'

By Sarah Favot

Official blames colleges for 'misplaced sense of values and priorities'

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"… s judicial boards to decide the fate of their assailants. …"

"… rance with Vice President Joe Biden at the University of New Hampshire.The Education Department, meanwhile, is issuing the first federal guidelines for sc …"

Portland college students demand changes in sexual assault process

By Lee van der Voo

Students at Portland's Reed College demand changes to the school's approach to sexual assault allegations.

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"… f debate on the campus.Isabel Manley served three semesters on the private Portland college’s Judicial Board. She offered a personal critique of Reed’s ha …"

Biden, Duncan highlight new federal guidance on campus sex assault probes

By Kristen Lombardi

Obama administration hopes new policies will address problems raised by Center series.

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"… active approach to combating sexual violence, Vice-President Joe Biden and Education Secretary Arne Duncan unveiled the first-ever explicit federal guidance on …"

"… nt victims feeling further victimized. The failure of both schools and the Education Department was the subject of an award-winning investigative series&n …"

"… and cases involving gag order for victims.“We have to do better,” the Education Secretary added, “and we have to do better now.” The new 19-page “d …"

"… ust days after news that Yale University students have urged the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights, or OCR, to immediately investigate …"

Center collaboration with NPR wins Peabody Award

A Center for Public Integrity collaboration with NPR was recognized with a Peabody award for NPR

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"… g congressional action on Capitol Hill, and leading the U.S. Department of Education to strengthen its oversight of how colleges and universities handle campus …"

"… of how colleges and universities handle campus rape cases. Next week, the Education Department is set to announce new guidance on how schools should address s …"

The Center’s impact in 2010

By Bill Buzenberg

The true value of an investigative story is not measured in Web hits, media partners or awards – it’s whether our reports help improve the w

Education Department touts settlement as ‘model’ for campus sex assault policies

By Kristen Lombardi

The U.S. Department of Education says two recent settlements will serve as a new model for how colleges, universities, and the department de

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"… ns against three more universities in the next year. …"

"… nter — in collaboration with National Public Radio — reported that the Education Department rarely investigates student allegations of botched school proce …"

"… t saying that foul play had not occurred. In June 2008, a complaint to the Education Department spurred by the Dickinson case resulted in a $350,000 fine again …"

"… e dean was eventually acquitted of the criminal charge. But last year, the Education Department found that the college had violated Clery reporting requirement …"

Center's campus assault series part of Congressional hearing record

By Caitlin Ginley

The Center for Public Integrity’s Sexual Assault on Campus became part of the official record of a Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing tod

Continuing impact from Center series

By Kristen Lombardi

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. And as commemorating events get underway nationwide, the Center for Public Integrity’s recent proje

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"… aft of proposed amendments to two federal laws, known as the Clery Act and Title IX, which require schools to respond to claims of sexual assault on campus an …"

"… e draft outlines nearly two dozen proposed “improvements” to Clery and Title IX — everything from requiring schools to implement a comprehensive process …"

"… are proposed requirements for schools to annually notify students of their Title IX rights; publish a sexual assault policy; and report the number of campus d …"

"… artment. Other provisions would bolster that department’s enforcement of Title IX — by establishing a $27,500 fine for colleges and universities found in …"

'Undetected rapists' on campus: A troubling plague of repeat offenders

By Jennifer Peebles and Kristen Lombardi

A chilling case of sexual assault at Texas A&M

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"… .”Yarbrough says the allegations against him are untrue. Speaking with a reporter in the drafty prison interview room, he says he had consensual sex with fo …"

Lax enforcement of Title IX in campus sexual assault cases

By Kristin Jones

Feeble watchdog leaves students at risk, critics say

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"… s Office for Civil Rights. The office, referred to as OCR, enforces Title IX, a federal law requiring “prompt and equitable“ action in response to …"

"… al assault cases. That’s about two a year, on average. And violations of Title IX were found in just five cases in 11 years. None of the schools were punish …"

"… ics see it differently. They say OCR’s enforcement of how schools handle Title IX cases involving alleged sexual assaults is overly friendly, which ultimate …"

"… FOIA request, the Center for Public Integrity received the results of 210 Title IX campus sex discrimination investigations, which included allegations of ot …"

An uncommon outcome at Holy Cross

By Kristin Jones

Expulsion rarely results from college disciplinary actions in sexual assault cases, making the Holy Cross case a notable exception.

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"… ence. Instead, Melandy’s case ended up before a Holy Cross hearing board.Brett Sokolow, a well-known consultant to college administrators, was commissioned to he …"

A lack of consequences for sexual assault

By Kristen Lombardi

Students found “responsible” for sexual assault face modest penalties, while victims are traumatized

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"… rocess works; it ended in what Freeman calls “a very strong sanction.” Expulsion at many schools, including IU, seems anathema. For instance, IU officials …"

"… ol rather than have to face their alleged attackers, even accidentally. “Expulsion should be a given under Title IX,” Rosenfeld adds. She, like many critic …"

A curious anomaly at UC Davis

By Kristin Jones

Our nine-month investigation into sexual assault on campus has made one thing clear: the federal records on campus sex offenses fail to capt

Barriers Curb Reporting on Campus Sexual Assault

By Kristin Jones

Barriers Curb Reporting on Campus Sexual Assault

Excerpts from this story referencing "Elizabeth Ryan":

"… ese cases quiet.” Troubling Tale at SUNY New Paltz In December 2007, Elizabeth Ryan, who was finishing up her first semester on the New Paltz campus of the St …"

"… that she was raped by another freshman at an off-campus fraternity house. (Elizabeth Ryan is not her real name; she has asked to use a pseudonym to protect her priv …"

"… upports them, they’ll do it,” he adds. Struggling with the Aftermath Elizabeth Ryan, who now lives back at home with her mother, still struggles with panic at …"