Revolving door swings freely in America's statehouses

By Nicholas Kusnetz

Anything goes in some states; lawmakers skirt rules in others

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"… t  legislators should “be embarrassed” by the common practice.The Senate sponsor of the electrical utility bill, Mike Jacobs, is the son of a forme …"

"… ve the public interest or to please potential employers.”On Tuesday, the Senate Ethics Committee began work on a sweeping ethics reform bill that could pr …"

Lure of lobbying still strong for House staffers

By Corbin Hiar

In spite of new ethics rules, 378 House staffers have registered as lobbyists since 2009

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"… e in Lobbying activities that fall just short of the thresholds set by the Lobbying Disclosure Act. As a result, their payments don’t count towards the 2011 …"

"… impose new transparency on lobbyists has stalled in the legislature. The Lobbying Disclosure Enhancement Act, a bill supported by Sunlight that would force …"

Top health information technology firms prefer 'revolving door' lobbyists

By Josh Israel

Top health information technology firms want lobbyists with Capitol Hill or executive branch experience

On financial reform bill, 52 percent of lobbyists worked in government

By Caitlin Ginley and M.B. Pell

More than half of the lobbying force seeking to influence landmark financial reform legislation is made up of former members of Congress, Ca

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"… chances of an accidental omission of information that could lead to a fine.Dana McCallum, a spokeswoman for the secretary of the Senate Administrative Services, wh …"

The top 10 companies lobbying on climate change

By Marianne Lavelle

Some lobbyists have even more reason than others to be hanging out in Room 2123 of the Rayburn House Office Building this week during the ma

Disclosure filings by lobbyists still incomplete

By Matthew Lewis

After a rash of congressional ethics scandals, Congress toughened up lobbying disclosure rules by passing the Honest Leadership and Open Gov

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"… vernment] entities they reported lobbying” – such as the Senate or the Environmental Protection Agency. “[L]obbyists could not provide documentation to sup …"

Statehouse revolvers

By Kevin Bogardus

Study finds more than 1,300 ex-legislators among 2005 state lobbying ranks

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"… elebrating their public service are located. For example, a bronze bust of Texan Gib Lewis, a powerful Democratic House speaker in the 1980s and 1990s, sits in the A …"

No longer on staff

By Elspeth Reeve

Former government aides join state lobbying ranks

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"… o chaired Bill Clinton's presidential campaigns in the state and the state Democratic Party. In 2005, his lobbying clients included a customer service outsourcing com …"

States outpace Congress in upgrading lobbying laws

By Leah Rush and David Jimenez

24 states have made disclosure strides since 2003

Excerpts from this story referencing "Center for Public Integrity":

"… have beefed up their disclosure laws, but federal legislators haven't.A Center for Public Integrity survey that evaluated the strength of lobbying disclosure laws nationwide …"

"… lobbying disclosure laws haven't been modified in the last eight years.The Center for Public Integrity has studied lobbying in the states since 2002, including tracking overall …"

"… he question is, how much better?"David Jimenez is a research intern at the Center for Public Integrity. Research intern Davinia Seay contributed to this report.Correction:  …"

Lobbying FAQ

By Elizabeth Brown

What is permissible? Out of bounds? Punishable?

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"… of the House of Representatives oversee federal Lobbying. According to the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995, those offices are charged with providing guidance …"

"… s if their Lobbying expenditures exceed $24,500 during a six-month period. Lobbying firms must file a separate registration – at least 45 days after first c …"

"… lobbyists employed by the client; and (3) the federal agencies contacted. Lobbying firms filing on behalf of a client must disclose an estimate of the total …"

More than 2,000 spin through revolving door

By Elizabeth Brown

Nearly 250 former members of Congress and agency heads register to lobby

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"… ffice since registering as a lobbyist.For instance, J. Bennett Johnston, a Louisiana Democrat who once served as chairman of the Senate Committee on Energy and …"

The Pentagon's stealth rainmaker

By Alex Knott

How revolving doors and large donations allow a defense lobbying firm to dominate

Excerpts from this story referencing "spokesman":

"… bbying firm, according to a study by the Center for Public Integrity.A PMA spokesman said he would not comment on the Center's report.The fees paid to PMA appe …"

States outpace Congress in upgrading lobbying laws

By Leah Rush and David Jiminez

24 states have made disclosure strides since 2003

Excerpts from this story referencing "Tennessee":

"… disclosure filings on its Web site.Georgia, New Jersey, North Carolina and Tennessee were among the states with the most-revised rules. In addition to other pr …"

"… sponsive to scandals" because the lawmakers are closer to constituents.The Tennessee General Assembly, for example, met in a special session called by Gov. Phi …"

"… led by Gov. Phil Bredesen in January to pursue reforms in reaction to the "Tennessee Waltz" federal sting operation, which centered on unethical lobbying pract …"

"… e oversight of legislative conduct are at the center of the legislation in Tennessee. Ironically, as reported by the Nashville Tennessean, lobbyists came out o …"