Sri Lanka bans Monsanto herbicide citing potential link to deadly kidney disease

By Sasha Chavkin

Sri Lanka orders ban on glyphosate, an active ingredient in Roundup, citing kidney disease outbreak; Monsanto said the evidence is unproven.

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"… ies, and glyphosate is used widely in the country. Dr. Carlos Orantes, the director of El Salvador’s national research program into the epidemic, said his t …"

Countries target pesticides as suspected link to rare kidney disease

By Sasha Chavkin

Governments from El Salvador to Sri Lanka explore the role of pesticides in a malady killing laborers, as other scientists eye heat stress.

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"… ral pesticides following a multi-year study by its health ministry and the World Health Organization, which concluded that the heavy metal cadmium had entered the food supply …"

New urgency targets mysterious kidney disease in Central America

By Sasha Chavkin

In El Salvador, health ministries formally recognize a kidney disease killing laborers — and vow deeper scrutiny of its causes.

Excerpts from this story referencing "World Health Organization":

"… ths increasing more than threefold since 1990, according to an analysis of World Health Organization data. In El Salvador, CKD has become the leading cause of hospital deaths …"

"… there, conducted by the Sri Lankan health ministry in partnership with the World Health Organization, documented elevated levels of cadmium and arsenic contained in agrochemic …"

FACT CHECK: Perry exaggerates statistics on oil imports, federal debt

By FactCheck.Org

A roundup of false claims on oil imports, federal debt, Social Security and health care from the latest presidential candidate

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"… rts, the federal debt, Social Security and the federal health care law.The Texas governor gave a speech Aug. 13 in South Carolina to announce he …"

"… next 75 years. Also in November, Perry exaggerated how much Texas' share of Medicaid costs would increase as a result of the new federal hea …"

"… sult of the new federal health care law. Perry said the new law would cost Texas "$27 billion more, over and above what we’re already paying over the nex …"

"… ng out to 90 percent by 2020. Kaiser estimated that Medicaid enrollment in Texas will increase 63.5 percent by 2019. The total Medicaid cost for the state …"