Daily Disclosure: Misleading ad seeks to scare voters away from Obama

By Rachael Marcus

Fear-mongering anti-Obama ad seeks to scare the bejesus out of America.

Excerpts from this story referencing "America":

"… towers does flash across the screen.But the ad, from the nonprofit Secure America Now, was released just this week. “Are We Safer Now? ”blasts Pres …"

"… “Are We Safer Now? ”blasts President Barack Obama for undermining American security in a litany of ways, including  wanting to close Guantanamo …"

"… closing the CIA’s “black sites,” secretive prisons overseas outside America’s legal jurisdiction.The ad ends with footage of burning cars, burning b …"

"… evelopment program.Apologies: The ad hits Obama for being an apologist for America and not believing in American exceptionalism. This has been a common theme …"