Daily Disclosure: FreedomWorks for America releases deluge of ads

By Rachael Marcus

Contested Senate races hit with ad onslaught by tea party-aligned FreedomWorks for America.

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"… , also an open seat, is a tossup, according to The New York Times.The U.S. Senate contests in Virginia and Ohio have drawn more outside money than almost any other S …"

Chamber spends early, often on GOP congressional candidates

By Peter H. Stone

The nation's largest business lobby taps corporate giants in an attempt to recapture Senate

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"… ending big.By November, the Chamber expects to run ads in at least a dozen Senate contests and at least 30 House races — but following tradition it won’t be dire …"

CREW challenges tax status of GOP political organization

By Peter H. Stone

Watchdog group asks IRS and FEC to investigate Republican political organization

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"… spend as much as $25 million to help Republicans defeat Democrats in a few Senate contests and about 20 House races.In its call for the IRS to look into possible vio …"

Campaign cash: The independent fundraising gold rush since 'Citizens United' ruling

By Peter H. Stone

For many powerful GOP operatives and allied fundraisers, the luncheon last April felt like one part reunion and one part strategy summit for

Excerpts from this story referencing "Senate contests":

"… million by the end of September on hard hitting ads with a major focus on Senate contests in Colorado, Missouri, Nevada, and Ohio, Law says. Further, both groups wi …"

"… are pulling in big moneyWhile most of the big spending so far has been on Senate contests, Americans for Prosperity — which has announced plans to spend $45 milli …"

"… half of that in mid-September) to run ads in 20 House districts and a few Senate contests. In late September, the group ran its first ads boosting some House candid …"

"… vote work to help Democrats in some 60 to 65 House races and 18 of the 37 Senate contests. Overall, he estimates that about a quarter of the funds will go for ads a …"

Karl Rove, GOP heavyweights find sugar daddies for groups influencing elections

By Peter H. Stone

Despite having no official position, former President Bush adviser Karl Rove remains a potent, behind-the-scenes operative doing his utmost

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"… operative doing his utmost to influence the outcome of multiple House and Senate contests.Rove has additionally been instrumental in organizing strategy meetings th …"

527 Fundraising Nets a Record Haul

By Derek Willis

Independent political groups have raised $391 million for the 2004 election

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"… s involved in all federal elections—the presidential race plus House and Senate contests—have raised more than $233 million.The amount raised by 527 groups durin …"

Montana an unlikely target for out-of-state campaign cash

WASHINGTON, October 25, 2000 — Montana might not seem like the logical setting for a full-scale brawl over a U.S. Senate seat, but with the

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"… ces. The group is involved in 40 competitive House races and up to a dozen Senate contests. The PAC is looking to spend $4 million this year, but has donated only ju …"