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Black lung investigation honored

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Sprint’s real fantasy: Firefighters achieving interoperability

By Sarah Laskow

In one of its new commercials, Sprint Nextel cheekily imagines how firefighters might use the company’s new walkie-talkies to run Congress.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Sprint Nextel":

"… equipment in a tornado-response simulation. …"

Charities supporting AT&T’s buyout of T-Mobile have financial incentive

By Jason McLure

Charities that received big dollars from AT&T supporting phone giant's buyout of T-Mobile

Excerpts from this story referencing "Sprint Nextel":

"… pressed by the Justice Department. The FCC review of the merger is ongoing.Sprint Nextel Corp., the third-largest carrier with about 12 percent of the market, has …"

Prepaid profit plan for wireless companies

By Morgan Jindrich

Top firms have banked $629 million for service not yet offered

Telecom chief could face conflict issues

By Kristen Dorsey

Nancy J. Victory, now a key commerce department official, has worked telecommunication and wireless firms that she now oversees