ATF's struggle to close down firearms dealers

By Fred Schulte

Agency's crippled oversight of the industry means troubled gun dealers can stay open for years.

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"… ms despite knowing that the law required him to keep those records,” ATF attorney Kevin White argued, according to a hearing transcript. Taylor sued in Jan …"

"… edures to protect dealers’ rights. Christopher M. Chiafullo, a New York attorney whose firm defends gun dealers at revocation hearings, calls the process …"

Assistant attorney general's office approved wiretap in controversial gun probe

By John Solomon and David Heath

High-level Justice Department officials approved wiretap in controversial gun probe

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"… th the hope that they would uncover criminal activity across the border in Mexico, documents released Wednesday by congressional investigators show.The appr …"

"… vity on both sides of the border.The revelation has stirred controversy in Mexico and the United States, in part because some front-line agents from the Bur …"

"… bring charges against higher-ups, including members of the drug cartels in Mexico.   The memo also divulged that the top federal prosecutor in Ari …"

"… mber of guns potentially crossing the border during a time period in which Mexico was experiencing unprecedented violence and he urged federal prosecutors t …"

Gun shy: Firearms dealer worried ATF would let weapons slip to bad guy

By John Solomon

Arizona firearms dealer worried guns involved in ATF sting would end up with bad guys

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"… ssley wrote in a letter delivered late Wednesday night to Attorney General Eric Holder.Grassley has repeatedly accused the department of stonewalling congression …"

Weak laws, paltry resources hinder gun trafficking probes, say ATF backers

By David Heath

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is under fire, but supporters say the agency lacks the tools needed to conduct succe

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"… being smuggled into Mexico, saying that he suspects many come from Russia, China and the black market.“Why the heck would these cartels want to waste the …"

Napolitano quizzed on ATF probe, NRA weighs in

By David Heath

Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano told a Senate committee today that she knew nothing of a shift in strategy that delayed arrests

Grassley asks for independent investigator to probe ATF

By John Solomon

Sen. Charles Grassley, the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, demanded Tuesday that an independent watchdog be used to invest

Excerpts from this story referencing "Eric Holder":

"… of making a bigger criminal case.Grassley took issue with Attorney General Eric Holder's decision last week to ask the acting inspector general of the Justice De …"

ATF let hundreds of U.S. weapons fall into hands of suspected Mexican gunrunners

By John Solomon, David Heath and Gordon Witkin

Front-line agents and Sen.Charles Grassley are sharply questioning a federal investigation that allowed hundreds of guns to move across the

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"… Grassley, the panel’s top Republican — who is spearheading a probe of ATF’s actions – said “it’s time to step back” and examine the policy …"

"… the department’s acting inspector general to evaluate the concerns about ATF’s investigative tactics.A Change in StrategyDodson told the Center he an …"

"… cept some of the weapons but their objections were repeatedly overruled by ATF supervisors. The supervisors instructed them to simply record the straw pu …"

"… an evolving change in the strategic direction of firearms investigations, ATF officials told the Center.Mark Chait, ATF’s assistant director in charge …"