FACT CHECK: Green stimulus sending jobs overseas?

By FactCheck.Org

Conservative advocacy ad avoids the facts about Obama administration investments into sustainable energy.

Excerpts from this story referencing "America":

"… New Mexico, Ohio and Virginia.– Robert Farley …"

"… ch as the absurd allegation that the stimulus did not create any American jobs (when the Congressional Budget Office’s economists state  …"

"… such loans have gone bad).The ad begins, “Washington promised to create American jobs if we passed their stimulus. But that’s not what happened. Fact: B …"

"… e truth, that $2.3 billion of tax credits went overseas, while millions of Americans can’t find a job.”We’ve looked at the claim that “$2.3 billion o …"

What to expect from a President Perry on the environment? Some Texas-sized clues

By Jim Morris and Evan Bush

From denying climate change to stances against EPA and Supreme Court, Perry resists Washington and helped a billionaire donor.

Energy Department 'bet' on Fisker Automotive ends in bankruptcy

By Ronnie Greene

An Energy Department program meant to spur development of electric cars faces another setback with Fisker Chapter 11 filing.

Excerpts from this story referencing "California":

"… ould be inevitable.” …"

"… lored the Energy Department’s risky $1 billion bet on Fisker and another California electric car maker backed by political powerhouses, Tesla Motors. Tesla pa …"

"… other firms that filed for bankruptcy after receiving DOE money, including California solar panel maker Solyndra. In several cases, the Center and ABC repo …"

Battle brews over Obama renewable energy plan

By Sam Pearson

President Obama's renewable energy plan would expand large-scale solar and wind projects on public lands in the West.

Energy Department auto loan program sputters

By Ronnie Greene

A $25 billion Department of Energy loan program has not closed a loan in two years amid the specter of Solyndra.

Audit cites risk in DOE loan program

By Ronnie Greene

A new audit of the Department of Energy’s $34 billion loan guarantee program said the agency doesn’t always follow its own rules

Bundlers on the inside

By Ronnie Greene, Matthew Mosk and Ronnie Greene

Top Obama fundraisers at Energy Department included an overseer of stimulus billions.

IMPACT: Green groups challenge EPA's air pollution exemption for biomass power plants

By Ronnie Greene

Lawsuits challenge "politically favored" clean energy that isn't so clean - biomass plants

National biomass debate intensifies with new limits in Massachusetts

By Ronnie Greene

U.S. biomass debate intensifies with new limits in Massachusetts

'Green' biomass isn't always so clean

By Ronnie Greene

Toxic plumes spew from an unlikely source: renewable energy plants

Excerpts from this story referencing "toxic chemicals":

"… , saying the Adage plant would trigger the release of greenhouse gases and toxic chemicals. “This is a very small group led by certified kooks,” one of the targe …"

'Clean energy' expansion could strain U.S. power grid

By Chris Hamby

As President Barack Obama proposes to generate more electricity from "clean energy" sources, a new government report highlights the effects

Excerpts from this story referencing "U.S. Energy Information Administration":

"… ated by sources other than coal, natural gas and nuclear, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Most of that electricity cannot be stored by the operator and must be plu …"

Wisconsin firm receives energy grant despite chronic pollution problems

By Kate Golden

Last December, when Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle announced $14.5 million in federal stimulus funds for energy-efficiency projects involving nine

Energy projects lag in stimulus spending

By Gary Cohn

Energy projects not quite the cornerstone of Obama's stimulus as promised