Center to cover political power of broadband industry

By The Center for Public Integrity

Former Bloomberg Government manager to head up coverage of Internet policy in Washington and beyond.

Al Jazeera adds more lobbying heft

By Dave Levinthal

Growing news network hires another government affairs firm as it expands U.S. operation

Video: Talking super PACs with PBS NewsHour

By John Dunbar

The Center for Public Integrity's John Dunbar discusses the impact of super PACS on the 2012 election.

“Disrespecting The Bing”

Pro-initiative groups simultaneously whack animated “Sopranos” ads

Excerpts from this story referencing "Arizona":

"… In the ads, though, it wasn’t Jersey; depending on the Web site, it was Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, or Washington.The ads, identically titled “Gangster Poli …"

"… pots appeared on the Web sites of the official ballot committees promoting Arizona’s Proposition 207 and Idaho’s Proposition 2, which would limit the use …"

"… t the eminent-domain abuses the ad portrayed.Public filings show that both Arizona HomeOwners Protection Effort and Idaho’s This House is MY Home made paym …"

Anatomy of a lobbying blitz

By John Dunbar

Cable industry enlists diverse crowd in high-level influence campaign

Excerpts from this story referencing "Irene Brodie":

"… vey Johnson Jr., mayor of Jackson, Miss., and president of the conference; Irene Brodie, mayor of the village of Robbins, Ill. and assistant secretary for the gro …"