Center to cover political power of broadband industry

By The Center for Public Integrity

Former Bloomberg Government manager to head up coverage of Internet policy in Washington and beyond.

Al Jazeera adds more lobbying heft

By Dave Levinthal

Growing news network hires another government affairs firm as it expands U.S. operation

Video: Talking super PACs with PBS NewsHour

By John Dunbar

The Center for Public Integrity's John Dunbar discusses the impact of super PACS on the 2012 election.

“Disrespecting The Bing”

Pro-initiative groups simultaneously whack animated “Sopranos” ads

Anatomy of a lobbying blitz

By John Dunbar

Cable industry enlists diverse crowd in high-level influence campaign

Excerpts from this story referencing "lobbyist":

"… ds of initiatives tracked by the cable television industry and its army of lobbyists, a la carte is among the most feared. A re-regulation of the industry cou …"

"… ch was written by four cable executives, another circulated by an industry lobbyist.It is not unusual for a special interest group to orchestrate mass-mailing …"

"… f the End for Media Diversity on Cable TV?" the event was organized by its lobbyist, Leslie Harris of Leslie Harris and Associates. Among Harris's other clien …"

"… wasn't hard to find the source. The firm of Leslie Harris, the Time Warner lobbyist who also represents the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights orchestrated …"