Delay of long-awaited refinery accident report signals divisions at Chemical Safety Board

By Chris Hamby

A last-minute change to a public meeting on a 2010 explosion at the Tesoro refinery in Washington State has board members "embarrassed."

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"… s, last April; and the release of toxic substances into the Elk River near Charleston, W.Va., this month. The draft report, released Thursday, sharply criticiz …"

Chemical board's unfinished investigations hinder agency mission, IG finds

By Chris Hamby

A backlog of Chemical Safety Board investigations hinders the agency's ability to help prevent future accidents, a new IG report concludes.

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"… tisfaction with its performance among some in Congress, current and former board members and families affected by unfinished accident investigations. The inspect …"

"… out weaknesses that I believe can and should be improved upon,” current board member Mark Griffon wrote the inspector general. “I am very concerned about the …"

"… a figure the report said was worse than the government average. A former board member previously told the Center the agency was “grossly mismanaged.” This w …"

As critics press for action, Chemical Safety Board investigations languish

By Jim Morris and Chris Hamby

The U.S. Chemical Safety Board, which probes chemical accidents, is under attack for its slow investigative pace.

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"… cs call its sluggish investigative pace and short attention span. A former board member calls the agency “grossly mismanaged.” The number of board accident r …"

"… ere issues that affect the whole refinery industry.” Current and former board members and staffers, however, contend the agency’s investigations are poorly m …"

"… f an existing investigation to go investigate that one,” said former CSB board member William Wark, whose five-year term ended in September 2011. Wark, who acco …"

"… ved of funding and mistrusted by industry. “Upon reflection as a former board member, it appears that neither administration nor Congressional support for the …"

IMPACT: Refinery union to seek safety fixes in contract talks

By Corbin Hiar

Refinery workers union says it will seek safer steps to prevent recurring fires and hazards

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"… e, roughly half were due to equipment failure, according to the report.The American Petroleum Institute, an oil industry lobby group, has said it instituted new process safety st …"

IMPACT: Reform boosts workplace safety even while companies appeal inspectors' conclusions

By Jim Morris and Emma Schwartz

Some employers must fix hazards while challenging regulators' findings

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"… he governor, Chris Gregoire, on April 15, a year after an explosion at the Tesoro Corp. refinery in Anacortes, Wash., that killed seven workers.The law, tak …"

"… he new law is enforced, a process that could take months.San Antonio-based Tesoro faces a potential fine of $2.39 million for 44 alleged violations, 39 of w …"

"… estion is, How long will it remain so?”In a written statement Wednesday, Tesoro spokesman Mike Marcy said that because the company is "dedicated to operat …"

"… steps regardless of any government action," said Marcy. In February, Tesoro disputed a state finding that the company “disregarded a host of workpla …"

One year after tragedy, agency urges oil refineries to invest in safety

By Chris Hamby

Year after tragedy, government pleads for prevention

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"… nbsp;    …"

"… uard’s National Response Center.Equipment failure was at the root of the Tesoro explosion.  The piece of equipment that blew apart was almost 40 year …"

"… ain the exchanger over the years,” he said.In a statement to the Center, Tesoro spokesman Mike Marcy said the company agrees with the board about the spec …"

"… ut added: “We disagree, however, with the chairman's characterization of Tesoro’s operations at Anacortes.  The heat exchanger was maintained and i …"

Regulatory flaws, repeated violations put oil refinery workers at risk

By Jim Morris, Chris Hamby and M.B. Pell

The nation’s refineries are plagued by equipment failures and sometimes-fatal accidents that in many cases could have been prevented.

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"… e institute did not respond to repeated interview requests from the Center.Jordan Barab, deputy assistant secretary of labor. Credit: U.S. SenateBut low injury ra …"

"… asting about your safety records when you're literally putting out fires," Jordan Barab, a U.S. deputy assistant labor secretary, said at a May 2010 safety confer …"

Renegade Refiner: OSHA says BP has “systemic safety problem”

By Jim Morris and M.B. Pell

Two refineries owned by oil giant BP account for 97 percent of all flagrant violations found in the refining industry by government safety i

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"… s. But the firm has been under intense OSHA scrutiny since its refinery in Texas City, Texas, exploded in March 2005, killing 15 workers. While continuing …"

"… irm has been under intense OSHA scrutiny since its refinery in Texas City, Texas, exploded in March 2005, killing 15 workers. While continuing its probe in …"

"… exploded in March 2005, killing 15 workers. While continuing its probe in Texas City, OSHA launched a nationwide refinery inspection program in June 2007 …"

"… om of Information Act for OSHA’s nationwide program and for the parallel Texas City inspection show that BP received a total of 862 citations between Jun …"