BP engulfed in lawsuit over 40-day Texas flare

By Kristen Lombardi

Two weeks before the Deepwater Horizon explosion, BP was involved in another major pollution case in Texas.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Air Alliance Houston":

"… e.“This case is huge,” said Matthew Tejada, of the environmental group Air Alliance Houston. Too often, he contends, refiners calculate that it’s cheaper to pay a f …"

'Model' workplaces avoid special government scrutiny targeting hazardous industries

By Chris Hamby

'Model' workplaces avoid special scrutiny targeting hazardous industries

Excerpts from this story referencing "Celeste Monforton":

"… ngton University School of Public Health lecturer and former OSHA official Celeste Monforton raised concerns on a public health blog: “It makes me wonder whether sim …"

BP's Iris Cross starred in two disaster PR campaigns

By Aaron Mehta

Before oil spills ads, BP's Iris Cross drew jury tampering accusations in earlier disaster

Excerpts from this story referencing "Texas City":

"… 06 BP public relations campaign was overshadowed by the devastation of the Texas City refinery and the subsequent litigation that forced BP to pay at least $2 b …"

"… to BP full time in June of 2005 as director of community relations for BP Texas City.Her appearance in at least two commercials was part of a PR campaign desig …"

"… nery trial. The letters were addressed to either “BP Retiree” or “BP Texas City Neighbor,” including local businesses and community leaders. Although th …"

"… letter sought to address “reports in the media about what happened at BP Texas City” and claimed that the company has “made substantial changes and improv …"

Regulatory flaws, repeated violations put oil refinery workers at risk

By Jim Morris, Chris Hamby and M.B. Pell

The nation’s refineries are plagued by equipment failures and sometimes-fatal accidents that in many cases could have been prevented.

Excerpts from this story referencing "National Institute on Money":

"… company activities, during the 2009-2010 election cycle, according to the National Institute on Money in State Politics.Over the years, the industry has fended off a variety of …"

Use of toxic acid puts millions at risk

By Jim Morris and Chris Hamby

A 2009 explosion in Corpus Christ sheds light on danger of toxic acid cloud

Excerpts from this story referencing "Wyoming":

"… Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia, as well as in rural parts of Oklahoma, Wyoming, Kentucky, and other states.So closely guarded are details of the risks th …"

Big polluters freed from environmental oversight by stimulus

By Kristen Lombardi and John Solomon

In the name of job creation and clean energy, the Obama administration has doled out billions of dollars in stimulus money to some of the na

Excerpts from this story referencing "lawyer":

"… ir project?” asked David Pettit, a Natural Resources Defense Council lawyer who has litigated cases under NEPA. Top-level administration officials a …"

"… quo; one officer said, albeit a “minimal” one. Environmental lawyers disagree. “To say a categorical exclusion is a form of NEPA review …"

"… en if they claimed he was rehabilitated,” said Brent Coon, the Texas lawyer who represented victims of the BP refinery fire. “And BP can’t …"

"… including one in 2007 from the U.S. Supreme Court. Company executives and lawyers involved in the suit agree Duke has been cleaning up the plants, largely …"

BP pays another fine for Texas refinery

By Amy Biegelsen

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said today it will collect a $15 million fine from BP for Clean Air Act violations, the latest in a

BP to pay record fine, spend $500M to upgrade Texas refinery

By Jim Morris and M.B. Pell

UPDATED BP will pay a $50.6 million penalty and spend at least $500 million to upgrade its Texas City, Texas, refinery where a 2005 explosio

Excerpts from this story referencing "lawyer":

"… ndent experts to monitor its work on safety improvements.But Brent Coon, a lawyer for many of the Texas City refinery blast victims, is skeptical. “If his …"

Sen. Franken asks BP to explain OSHA violations

By Jim Morris

During a Senate subcommittee hearing last Thursday, Democratic Sen. Al Franken repeatedly cited the story’s key finding: that BP refineries

Excerpts from this story referencing "Ohio":

"… epeatedly cited the story’s key finding: that BP refineries in Texas and Ohio accounted for 97 percent of “egregious willful” or “willful” citat …"

"… ion penalty this year for similar violations at BP’s refinery in Toledo, Ohio.BP is contesting all 862 citations – 829 of which were classified as wil …"

Renegade Refiner: OSHA says BP has “systemic safety problem”

By Jim Morris and M.B. Pell

Two refineries owned by oil giant BP account for 97 percent of all flagrant violations found in the refining industry by government safety i

Excerpts from this story referencing "hazardous chemicals":

"… d “more fatal or catastrophic incidents related to the release of highly hazardous chemicals … than any other industry sector covered by the [process safety manageme …"

Judge urged to revoke BP refinery probation after Gulf Oil Spill

By Kristen Lombardi

The worsening BP p.l.c. oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a good reason to revoke the oil giant’s court-ordered probation and plea agreemen